The Show Last Night

I got to the Frequency about 7:15 last night, after circling the block several times waiting for some "rock star parking" to open up, which it inevitably did. The spot was near the alley behind the Madison music venue, so I entered through the back door, my favorite way to enter, with my guitar and band mate Tim's guitar amp head. I had to make a second trip to retrieve my own amp and the suit jacket I would wear later, when my band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE performed.

After the gear was safely inside the venue, I chilled at the bar, while the first band, BRON SAGE, sound checked in the stage area. I ordered a veggie pizza and ate 5/8ths of it. While I was eating, a young lady came into the venue and sidled up to the bar next to me to order a drink. I introduced myself and we got to talking. Her name was Meg, a self employed seamstress who was flying solo for the night.

Later in the evening, I introduced her to my friend Sherry so she would have someone to socialize with while I was doing the band thing and performing. I was glad to make a new friend.

There were 5 bands last night and they were all superb. It was DEVIL TO DRAG's EP release party, although SEXY ESTER headlined the show. EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE played third, preceded by BRON SAGE and a band called BASEMENT FIRE.

I had a blast.

Saturday's Borderline Threat of Crummy Weather

I sat in one of the deck chairs on my back patio, while my dog Foster explored the backyard. He wore a plastic cone around his head, the consequence of an eye infection he picked up about three weeks prior that ulcerated his cornea. The injury had more or less healed, but the cone was to prevent him from scratching his eye with his paws, risking re-infection or further eye damage.

I contemplated the sky. It was mostly filled with clouds, though small patches of blue occurred here and there. The air was cool but muggy. I had wanted to go on a bike ride today, but the forecast called for periodic thunderstorms and I had no doubt that as soon as I tooled off on my bike, the forces of nature would see to it that I be soaked down something fierce.

An occasional rain drop pinged the bare skin of my legs and forearm, clothed as I was in a tee shirt and shorts. I sipped the coffee I had picked up earlier in the morning, coming back from the bank with the money to pay my house keeper, Mary, who was currently scrubbing down my kitchen.

It would be a good day, but bike riding was very unlikely to be a part of it.


Shaping Up To Be a Great Weekend

There is a threat of storms Saturday and Sunday this weekend. That's concerning. However, there has been a threat of storms on and off for the past fortnight, and nothing has really come of it.

Tonight, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE plays a punk rock set at the Frequency in Madison WI, in support of another band's (DEVIL TO DRAG) EP release party. Three other bands will also be performing, for a total of five. I am not sure where EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE falls in the lineup of bands, but it stands to be a fun night.

Weather permitting, I want to get at least one decent bike ride in this Saturday. I was thinking it would be fun to bike downtown along the Southwest Commuter Bike Path, some six odd miles one way, and go to the farmer's market on the Capital Square on Saturday morning. It might actually be preferable to do this if it is raining a little bit, because there will be less hordes of people clogging the outdoor market throughfares. I need to stock up on fresh veggies and Paleo-friendly meats like bison, elk, and emu. I will, naturally, consume the better part of a full bag of squeaky cheese curds while I surf the culinary merchandise. I realized, as I was writing that last sentence, that I have virtually completely cut cheese out of my diet the past few months, with the exception of pizza and cheeseburgers when I occasionally dine out. So a bag of cheese curds will be a rare treat.

I might try to go see a matinee of the new Mad Max movie on Saturday or Sunday, if I can find some interested peeps to go with. After the gig tonight, my weekend is pretty wide open until the Funks Pub Open Jam on Sunday evening, starting about 4 PM. I will do some writing and music as time permits.

I'll probably mow the lawn and tend the garden a bit, if the weather cooperates. The garden is in pretty good shape right now though, and some rain will only foster its awesomeness.

My dog Foster seems to be almost fully recovered from the eye injury he got about three weeks ago, after great veterinary expense. Luckily, he did not need surgery, or else I would be in the poor house. He'll get his last few rounds of antibiotic drops, which he hates, this weekend, and then on Monday I expect him to get a clean bill of health from the vet. His next major expense will probably be a teeth cleaning. I found some meaty flavored nylabones at the pet store that he seems to like and that may help clean his teeth a bit, but he is wearing a protective head cone right now, because of the eye, and can't maneuver the bone to his mouth with his paws as a result. While this makes the bone ineffective for teeth cleaning, it is quite amusing to watch him try to manipulate the bone.

In a fortnight, on Saturday May 30, I am hosting another house concert, featuring HIATVS. I am trying to raise money for the food and beer (mainly beer) with a fundraising campaign online. But so far no takers. I may have to modify the suggested donation to a lower amount to garner more interest.

That's about all.