Pounding It Out

I pounded out a pretty good day today. With the exception of a couple customer no shows and a headlight out, all beyond my control, everything went to plan. I met up with my buddy Tim at Guitar Center after I got done working at 3 PM and handed off the EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE MAMA award to him. It was for one of his songs, "I Like Your Hat," and I had it because I was the only member of EDDIE able to attend the award ceremony last year. I noodled on some of the pianos at Guitar Center whilst Tim explored e-drums, then I bid Tim adieu and went to Tires Plus to have the headlight fixed. I received some great news too, though I won't be able to disclose it for a fortnight or so. It's like "necessary but not sufficient" type news. Dig?


Post Free Day Intensity

Sunday mornings are often action packed at our household, and not just after we have a dietary free day. This morning, Deborah and I got up at a leisurely pace. We meditated, then I practiced piano for 30 minutes whilst Deborah packed her gym bag and dicked around the house with the dogs. I cooked and ate some egg whites left over from our key lime pie marathon of indulgence yesterday (the pie recipe only uses yolks). We went to the gym and had a fantastic 75 minute workout that included some lap swimming and hot tubbing. This was all accomplished by 1 PM.

I had felt like I was coming down with a cold yesterday, but I punched it hard in the stomach with some potent "enhanced" zinc lozenges from Life Extension (they taste terrible, but they work...high marks!) and a bunch of OTC meds, so I feel a lot better today (knock on wood), especially after the gym workout.

I'm out driving around this afternoon and I feel like time is flying by, or more like I lost an hour somewhere. It's an odd feeling.

Key Lime Pie

We made two key lime pies today for FREE DAY. They turned out great and were delicious. I actually discovered tonight that there is an upper limit on the axiom "there is always room for dessert." 99% of the time, this is true, but tonight was one of those rare exceptions. Anyway, key lime pie is ridiculously easy and cheap to make, so it is odd that restaurants charge so much for a slice of it. They must make a huge profit margin.