A Long Overdue Update

Hello Dear Readers.

Sorry for the long delay in writing. As you know, I went back to graduate school this semester for a clinical Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. On the one hand its been great. I am learning a ton and the program faculty are amazing. Conversely, due to the fact that it's a two year degree, they have to cram in a metric pantload of schoolwork to ensure qualified graduates. At risk of jinxing myself, I appear to be a natural at this...I am getting good grades in spite of not really knowing what the hell I am doing half the time. This is somewhat by the design of the MFT program at Edgewood College, where their mantra to new students is "Trust the Process." I have been trusting it and as I near the end of my first semester, I am elated to find that I am sort of finally "getting it." That is to say, when I started the program everything was a blur and new information was being firehosed into my brain under a distressing pressure that threatened to explode my mind. I felt totally confused and lost and questioned my fortitude to handle it on more than a few occasions. But I trusted the process and the initial resistance I felt gradually gave way to forward momentum. I have a great cohort of fellow students and we all support each other via commiseration and study groups. It's a diverse group of people with many different personality types.

Anyway, the semester is nearing its end, which means lots of big final papers and projects. So you might not hear from me again until around Christmas when I will be travelogging a much needed and deserved family trip to Hawaii. You can enjoy that tropical vacay vicariously if you are stuck somewhere cold (because I'm nice!). Until then, Happy Holidays.


Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Happy Halloween

It's HALLOWEEN! Have a happy one!

I got up.

I swallowed my vitamins with a slug of strong coffee, de-edged with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Deborah and I meditated, then we went to the gym and had a decent workout. I spent 98% of the time on the exercise bike.

After the gym, we neutralized 65% of its fitness benefits at a cafe across the street, where we ate lunch and I practiced some solution focused brief therapy techniques (the topic in one of my MFT classes this week) on Deborah. Results TBD.


Tom Petty From a Nutritional Standpoint

I was never a hardcore Tom Petty fan. I admired his impressive repertoire of tunes. He produced and the product was solid.

There's a ton of music I'd listen to before I'd listen to Tom Petty. But that being said, in today's climate of pop music radio drivel, if I'm scanning the FM dial, a TP tune is going to win out over* just about any of today's crappy, pitch corrected, rhythm doctored, overproduced, artificial ear candy.

And candy is a good analogy and segway to the central thesis of this post. Tom Petty was to rock music what fruits and vegetables are to good nutrition. Wholesome, healthy, staple diet rock-n-roll.

I'm not usually gonna choose fruit or veggies to eat if there's an option for a big cheeseburger (for argument's sake, let's call Black Sabbath the cheeseburger). I'm gonna enjoy the cheeseburger more. But I know that for good health and wellness, I need to eat some fruits and vegetables sometimes. So I do (listen to Tom Petty) on a fairly regular basis.

And there is no shortage of fruits and veg on the radio right now, let me tell you...

*Note: A better word here would be "trump," but that word has been recently spoiled and associated with racism and all manner of lameness and malfeasance.