More Cookies

I pounded out a few more anthropomorphized holiday sugar cookies today. This was after I pounded out 500 or so calories at the gym and also about $13 dollars walking someone's dog. Tonight Deborah and I pounded out the mid-season finale of Walking Dead, which gave me the idea to pound out some zombie themed holiday sugar cookies tomorrow.


Day 12 to 14 of 14 - I Am Horrible With Consistency

The worst is over, first-fall-semester-of-grad-school-wise anyway. While I have been perilously inconsistent with these blog posts over the past fortnight, the same cannot be said for my schoolwork. I am not sure how, but I have been diligently "rocking it hard," as they say in the vernacular. There was only one assignment where I felt unsure of myself, because I lacked knowledge resources and perhaps time to work on it properly. Conversely, on one of my other assignments, the professor asked if she could use my paper as an exemplar for students in her future classes, presumably because - thanks to my professional writing background - it was well written.

The semester isn't quite over yet. I have an online, open-book final exam to complete for one of my classes. However, that is mostly just icing on a pretty darn good cake, because I have found most of the information. I even took the time to make e-flash cards for future use, because the professor said a lot of these questions or similar ones may appear on the marriage and family therapy national licensing exam, which I eventually need to take.*

This week pretty much wraps up class time for the semester. I will finish the online final exam over the weekend. Starting next week, I need to get started on my non-school-related TO DO list of all the things I have put on hold while studying. I am told that this first semester of grad school is the toughest, which is a little bit of a relief. I guess they do this to make sure everyone has the stamina for this program and eventual line of work. Apparently, I do, so that's a plus.

Over the next fortnight, I hope to kill a few items on my non-school-related TO DO list, and then it's off to Hawaii for a much needed vacation with my family over the holiday.

*Note: As an FYI...if anyone were wanting to get me a desirable and functional Christmas (or birthday) present, THIS study guide would be very appreciated...

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Day 9 to 11 of 14 - Power and Pizza

As you can tell from the title of this post, I am playing catch-up on posts again. Over the past two days, I have been non-stop power studying to crank out the big final paper in one of my classes. I submitted it on time, just before the class last night.

I wasn't as pleased with this paper as I have been with other assignments this semester, in part because I don't feel like this subject matter was adequately covered in our textbooks nor in the class. So I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants.

That being said, I am working on a new dominant story narrative for my life where I do not need to be such a perfectionist all the time. I did the best I could on the paper with the resources available to me and I am OK with that. Not happy with it...but OK with it. Additionally, I have gotten full marks in most of my other assignments for this particular class, so even if I totally and completely bombed this last paper, I can still pull a decent grade out of the class.

During the class last night, I led a roundtable discussion on my paper topic, a case conceptualization and treatment plan for a mock family seeking therapy. We did a role play where some of my classmates pretended to be the family and I acted as a therapist. That was kind of fun.

I slept soundly last night, after the release of all the stress surrounding getting this assignment done. The light at the end of the tunnel for this semester is getting brighter. I have a "relatively" easy (compared to other assignments) presentation to give this coming Tuesday and an online, open-book final exam that's due the following week. Then I think I will have successfully rocked this semester.

Today I attended a lunch for new students in the MFT program at Edgewood College, so they could ask questions of the existing students (like me). I like doing nice things like this for people (it's its own reward), but it was further incentivized by complimentary Glass Nickel Pizza. Yes!

I have my financial aid loan on order from the government and I still need to register for classes for next semester. Then it's off to Hawaii for a nice vacation with my extended family.

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