Morning Ride That Almost Wasn't

THIS was my morning bike commute this morning. I was feeling quite lazy about bike commuting this morning and was going to bail on it, but then I saw that my friend Danielle bike commuted and my amicable competitiveness kicked in. So I thank Danielle for the passive unintended motivation. I also discovered later that my friend Sherry bike commuted as well, so I would have felt like a total loser if I didn’t bike commute. Danielle and Sherry now work together at the same company, which outside the scope of this post but is good information regardless.

It was a chilly ride in. Although it will get up into the 60s today, it was only in the high 30s when I left the house on my cruiser bike. On the bright side, my later than usual departure meant I did not have much car traffic to contend with. There is only a brief stretch of my commute that is annoying due to oblivious and/or entitled automobile commuters, but it is still nice when it is bereft of cars.

I listened to my iPod biking in. I have a good mix of tunes on it for bike commuting – uptempo, energetic songs.

Other than a cup of coffee with almond milk, I didn’t eat any breakfast this morning, but I did get a protein rich salad at the salad bar at work. Hopefully that will tide me over until I bike commute home this evening. Tonight, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE is going to do a bit of recording in my basement home studio, mainly laying down a click and some scratch instrument tracks.


A Bit of R n R

I am in the "comfort room" at work, reclining in the easy chair that's in here. They offer this little room to employees so they can decompress or destress or even pump breast milk (yes, some people don't mark their Outlook room reservations "private").

I'm using it to stretch my legs a bit before I head home from work, which is right...MEOW!

Power Walk

I am hoping to get a 3.5 mile power walk in today over lunch. Weather should be highly conducive to this.