Hi. It's Joe.

It is the last week of ROCKTOBER.

That means it is the FUNNEST WEEK OF THE YEAR, culminating with HALLOWEEN.


You will need a COSTUME. There will be PARTIES. Don't be the lame loser who doesn't DRESS UP. If you want to see my scary costume, CLICK HERE. But be warned, it is the scariest costume you will ever see, without a doubt. You might want to gouge out your own eyes after seeing it, and I am not kidding. You think I am but GO SEE IT, then buy me a coffee if you agree with me.

If you live in S.E. Wisconsin, there are some good rock shows this week too.

PEOPLE BROTHERS are hosting a 70s and 80s themed costume party + open jam on Monday 10/26 at the Come Back Inn in Madison WI. It starts around 9 PM.

GUPPY EFFECT is hosting a PRE-HALLOWEEN rock show at Brink Lounge in Madison WI on Wednesday 10/28, starting at 9 PM.

GUPPY EFFECT is also hosting their very own HALLOWEEN PARTY on Saturday 10/31 at REAL McCOYS in Delavan WI. The party kicks off around 9 PM and there will be a costume contest. MY COSTUME is a guaranteed winner for scariest. But you could still win second place, so do attend if you can.

That's about all.

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