10 Minutes - Cowboy Mouth is Funtastic!

Hi. It's Joe.

I saw COWBOY MOUTH perform at High Noon Saloon in Madison WI on Thursday 2/24/11.

I reviewed the show for Madison Beatnik and the article is now live HERE, along with a short video I made with footage from the show. Please comment here or on the Madison Beatnik web site - www.madisonbeatnik.com.

My girlfriend's name is Caitlin. She is AWESOME. I just started dating her recently, but Magic 8 Ball says all signs point to groovy.

My new job is kickass too. I am really enjoying it. Today, I was going to crank out a ton of work, but I had to complete some radiation safety training, because the company makes high tech radiation therapy machines. So that and a meeting nuked about half my day (no pun intended). Still and all, I learned a shit ton about radiation.

Did you know it's a myth that radioactive things glow? Hot things glow, and radioactivity can heat things up to a glowing temperature, but radioactive materials in and of themselves do not glow. Also, did you know cigarettes contain polonium, a significant source of background radiation? Whose asshat idea was it to put polonium in cigarettes? Aren't they carcinogenic enough without adding an isotope? Jesus.

Anyway, life is good. As you know, I can't touch base as often as I'd like because of the new job, GF, and rocking. But I will try and make an appearance as often as I can. SUBSCRIBE using the tool on the upper right and then the Intarwebs will automatically alert you next time I post.



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