10 Minutes - Osh Kosh Begosh

Hi. It's Joe.

I went up to Osh Kosh this weekend and hung out with Todd and Sherry.

We went to the Independent Horror Film Festival there on Saturday, which was killer. Pun intended. You need to find and watch a movie called "I Didn't Come Here to Die." It was excellent.

Later on Saturday night, we went out to the Reptile Palace, a hard rock music venue in Osh Kosh. It was one of those places where everyone wears black and the college kids don't go there (thank goodness). As we were walking down there though, we saw a zombie army of teenie bopper college kids going in the other direction, probably to a kegger or the college bars. Poor misguided college kids. I was one of them once, missing out on great music to go get hammered. Live and learn.

There were 4 bands at the Reptile Palace, and they were all excellent. Uncle Eddie was one of them, featuring Darwin, owner of the Frequency rock club in Madison. I also saw Dan "Dano" Stoffels there. He's a music buddy who used to drum for Axiom. He was up appreciating the bands, two of which were from Madison.

I stayed over at Todd and Sherry's. Buddy got along really well with their 3 Boston terriers. Two of them are theirs, Bella and Corella. The 3rd one is actually a rescue dog they are fostering, named Leo. Leo has skeletal problems and he's frisky. Nice dog though.

After I drove back home from Osh Kosh, I practiced music for a while. I am trying to get all the Jeebus Preebus songs learned for this Wednesday. Michael Anthony of Van Halen is an uninteresting bass player. I would say he sucks, except for the fact that he played in one of the world's most rocking bands. So he must have done something right. But I don't like his style. Do any bass players call Michael Anthony a bass idol or role model? I'd like to know. That doesn't seem very aspiring. But I should cut MA some slack. I don't know the guy, and honestly, if you can get away with playing 3 notes for an entire song, more power to you, as far as the business end of music goes.

I worked out 45 minutes on the exercise bike tonight. Looking forward to working out more this week too. Work has a decent gym and showers.

Well, I am going to bed and I am going to read for a while until I doze off. That shouldn't take too long since I am wiped.

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