10 Minutes - Fitness Goals

Hi. It's Joe.

Today I did the indoor bike trainer for 45 minutes prior to band practice. After band practice, I ran 3 miles. I earned a bonus of about 1000 calories today against the 1660 I am generally allowed to take in. That means I can eat 2660 calories today and still be on track to lose weight.

You see, I joined MY FITNESS PAL, an online program and Android phone app that tracks diet and exercise. My friend Wendy turned me onto it, because she is doing it.

Entering exercise info is fairly easy, but the diet diary is a bit harder, mainly because it is difficult to explain to the program what I ate. A lot of the foods in their database are brand name, pre-packaged products which I almost never eat. I follow a largely Paleolithic diet that is 90% meat, vegetables, fruit, and occasionally nuts. Most Americans don't eat that way, so I understand why their database is set up the way it is, but it is harder to use. I manage though.

I have been doing a 2 month fitness challenge to do five 45-minute workouts per week, November through December. Thus far, I have been achieving the fitness goal no problem.

I was logging the workouts on FITOCRACY.COM and earning points and levels in the "Get Fit for the Zombie Apocalypse" group. It's kind of like a fitness game, but it only focuses on exercise. This fitness challenge does not have any dietary restrictions on type or quantity of food, but it would be nice to know what my caloric intake is approximately, and be able to adapt my eating habits to my caloric needs.

The general goal of my fitness challenge is to be physically fit and healthy, but if I dropped a few pounds, it would not hurt anything. That's why I added the My Fitness Pal app. It is a bear to get the foods into the system, but once I do, I kind of know where I am at calorie-wise. I would guess it is accurate to within +/- 100 calories or so. Close enough.

This week I ran 3 times. Monday I ran 3 miles outside because it was over 50 degrees. Wednesday, I ran on the treadmill at work, a 5K. Today I ran 3 miles along Lake Ripley, near my house. It was windy and cloudy, but 62 degrees. I was afraid I might get rained on.

I also did the bike trainer twice this week, once on Friday morning and again today. Thus, I hit my 5 workouts. Admittedly the running doesn't usually take me 45 minutes, but because it is a tougher workout, I count it if it is over 30 minutes. I have been averaging about 36 minutes on my runs, a 12 minute mile. I'm not fast.


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