Saturday's Borderline Threat of Crummy Weather

I sat in one of the deck chairs on my back patio, while my dog Foster explored the backyard. He wore a plastic cone around his head, the consequence of an eye infection he picked up about three weeks prior that ulcerated his cornea. The injury had more or less healed, but the cone was to prevent him from scratching his eye with his paws, risking re-infection or further eye damage.

I contemplated the sky. It was mostly filled with clouds, though small patches of blue occurred here and there. The air was cool but muggy. I had wanted to go on a bike ride today, but the forecast called for periodic thunderstorms and I had no doubt that as soon as I tooled off on my bike, the forces of nature would see to it that I be soaked down something fierce.

An occasional rain drop pinged the bare skin of my legs and forearm, clothed as I was in a tee shirt and shorts. I sipped the coffee I had picked up earlier in the morning, coming back from the bank with the money to pay my house keeper, Mary, who was currently scrubbing down my kitchen.

It would be a good day, but bike riding was very unlikely to be a part of it.

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