A Fatiguing But Fantastic Weekend

I just returned to the “real world” after a phenomenal weekend.

On Friday night, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE road tripped up to Oshkosh WI and played our second show EVER at the Reptile Palace rock club. We played with two other bands, THE LEMURS and HOLLY AND PLASTIC. Great fun.

After the gig, Tim (Eddie) and I grubbed at an all you can eat pizza buffet (Cranky Pat’s), before retiring at my buddy Todd’s house, where we (and my dog Foster) stayed overnight. Saturday morning, we got up earlier than we should have, because Todd and his GF Beth wanted to get breakfast and go to the Oshkosh Farmers’ Market, before they headed off to Green Bay for some other pursuit. After the pizza buffet the night before, I was not especially hungry for breakfast, so I ordered a small breakfast bagel at the New Moon Café on Main Street. And coffee. A large coffee. I was happy to see the New Moon offering almond milk, as well as soy milk, as coffee creamer substitutes.

Tim, Foster, and I headed back to Madison about 10:30 AM on Saturday. Shortly after I got home, I met my special lady friend, Deborah, at her parents’ house on Lake Mendota and we went kayaking for a short while. Her folks have these fancy kayaks that you can paddle or pedal. The pedaling was a bit cumbersome and my kayak did not want to obey the laws of physics, but it was great fun and Deborah’s parents are cool. They told me that had been to Australia (and New Zealand) at the end of last year, about a week after my extended family returned from there. They were in Melbourne too, and they said they really liked it. In fact, Deborah’s pops said he thought Melbourne was about the nicest city he had ever been to, which makes sense since Melbourne was recently rated the best city in the world to live in. It’s certainly my intended retirement destination. I might go there even sooner if the world explodes.

After kayaking, I showered up to get an excess amount of sunscreen off me, and then Deborah and I drove back to my house. EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE had another show on Saturday night, at the Frequency rock club in Madison, similar in many ways to Oshkosh’s Reptile Palace. My car was still loaded with our music gear from the show the night before. Tim came over and the three of us carpooled down to the Frequency about 5 PM. We got there way to early. Load in wasn’t even until 5:30 pm and the owner of the bar, Darwin, was still prepping the place for the big show, which featured seven bands in honor of it being the Frequency’s 7th Birthday Bash. None the less, we loaded in our gear and put it in the basement. Deborah and I then wandered down to Genna’s Pub at the other end of the block from the Frequency and relaxed for a while.

Each band only got about 40 minutes to play that night, because there were so many bands. I broke a string early on in the performance, but luckily I had brought a spare backup guitar, because with such a short length of time to play, changing a string would not be feasible or wise. Even if I had not had a backup guitar, with seven bands, I am sure someone would have loaned me one for the short duration of the set. I have started playing my red Ibanez Art Star hollow body electric guitar in EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE lately. It sounds good and has a richer tone than the black Ibanez solid body electric I had been playing. That is the only band I play guitar in. I am a bass player by trade.

Kat and Stefan came to the Saturday show and after EAD’s set, they, Deborah, and I walked to a restaurant called Deluxe and ate a midnight snack. We all headed home after that, even though we could have stayed and heard some more bands at the Frequency. One of those bands was the Black Saints, who EAD played with a couple months ago at the Annex in Madison. They have a sound that seems to be influenced by Guns ‘n’ Roses.

On Sunday morning, Deborah and I brunched at the Garden Café inside the HyVee near my house, before I had GUPPY EFFECT band practice at noon, followed by RITA WITTER BAND PRACTICE at 5 PM.

During the interlude between GE and RWB practices, Deborah brought her two Dachshunds over to meet Foster. They got along fine (no violence), although the wiener dogs barked a bit in a show of dominance.

At 8 PM, I headed over to Funks Pub for the open jam and ran the live stream of it as I usually do. Sherry and Deborah both came to spectate. I played a short set on bass with MG’s HENCHMEN, an impromptu band comprising me on bass, guitarist Phil Dickert, and drummer Michael Sherry (MG). This group formed from the jam and only ever practices and performs at the jam, five or six songs on average, per jam. On the bright side, though, we have a gig every week and it’s easy peasey, plug and play. Deborah and Sherry got a kick out of my stage shenanigans. I get a little bored with the hippie noodle jams that go on for 10 minutes, and so I entertain myself on stage with theatrics and facial expressions. MG’s HENCHMEN didn’t jam too much though. I did most of the singing this last Sunday because Phil was getting over a cough.

By the time the jam ended, I was thoroughly spent and went home to sleep, after bidding Deborah adieu. I slept soundly and for decently long, so I feel pretty good today.

Tomorrow, Deborah and I are road tripping up to Rochester MN in the afternoon, to see Richard Dawkins talk in the evening at the Mayo Clinic Civic Center. That should bee fun. This coming Friday, EAD road trips once again, up to Sturgeon Bay WI, to perform at the prestigious Steel Bridge Music Festival, a showcase of original music (mostly from Wisconsin, I think, but not sure). We play at 11:30 PM on Friday night, and we may stay through Saturday to hear other artists perform and party with them. I had planned to go up to the cottage this coming weekend but this will be more fun.

Life is good.

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