Monday Morning Joe: Residuals

I slept very soundly last night, after a jam packed weekend that did not permit a great deal of snoozery.

Friday after work, Tim (aka Eddie) of EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE and I road tripped up to Sturgeon Bay WI to rock the Steel Bridge Song Fest, a celebration of song writing and original music that transforms the quaint rural town into a mini-Nashville for a week. We arrived just in time for the final weekend's festivities and played our set at the Red Room bar about 11 pm, after which we roamed the downtown in search of other musicians to see/hear.

DEVIL TO DRAG, one of our contemporary bands on the Madison WI music scene, closed out the night at one of the neighboring venues called the Brick Lot bar, if I am not mistaken.

We were hosted in Sturgeon Bay by some friends of Tim. On Saturday morning, they cooked us up a spread of French (Freedom?) toast and sausages. After letting our digestion settle a bit, we walked downtown, about 15 minutes from the host house by foot.

The Music Motel parking lot had a couple of stages with music, but most of the other venues' rocking didn't start till later in the evening. The weather was inclement on Saturday and when the rain came in earnest, the outdoor music was moved from the motel to an indoor venue called the Fire Door. It used to be a fire station.

We basically just chilled and socialized over some beers all afternoon and eventually walked across the steel bridge to an Irish pub. Not much was going on there, so we walked back after having one drink. We did a lot of walking on Saturday and my calves are feeling it today (Monday) as I write this.

Some time during the afternoon, we grilled bacon wrapped brats at our hosts' house.

The evening hours were a blur of bands at various venues. Most of the fest took place at several venues all walking distance to one another.

Sunday morning, I left Sturgeon Bay fairly early, sans Tim (who was getting a ride back from his special lady friend, who had come up from Madison on Saturday to join us), so I could get back to see my special lady friend.

I went to see "Jurassic World" (ok) with Deborah, her son Devon, and his GF. After that, Deborah and I went to Funks Pub for the Sunday open jam where I performed a few songs with MG's HENCHMEN, an impromptu band that formed out of the jam and only ever performs at the jam, consisting of me, drummer Michael Sherry (MG), and guitarist Phil Dickert.

I did not stay at the jam too late and slept like the dead last night. Great weekend, though it sucks to have to come back to work...

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