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On Friday night, I’ll road trip up to Oshkosh WI to play a punk rock show with EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE at the Reptile Palace Rock Club, along with a couple of other bands more local to Oshkosh, HOLLY AND PLASTIC and THE LEMURS. I plan to leave Madison about 6 PM, which puts me in Oshkosh no later than 8 PM. The show starts about 10, so that should allow ample time to unload at my buddy Todd’s, where I will be staying overnight, and grab some dinner somewhere. It should be a good show.

On Saturday night, EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE returns to Madison WI to perform at the Frequency with a bunch of other bands.

I am enjoying playing more original rock-n-roll and getting away from cover band music. I am still playing some shows with cover band BABY ROCKET this summer, but I am pretty much done with cover bands. I’ll still play a choice cover here and there in GUPPY EFFECT. HIATVS is a cover band, but the performances are so over the top that it doesn’t really count. Plus HIATVS only plays three or four times a year.

Today is Wednesday. After I bike commute home from work and relax a little bit, I am going to descend into my Rock Cave and practice EDDIE songs for the upcoming gigs, on my new guitar tube amplifier I bought specifically for use in this band. The amp popped up as a Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal of the Day and was about 60% off the usual price. It’s potent. I probably won’t use this amp for the Oshkosh gig, because it’s a beast to haul and space will be limited there. Plus, I will have both my dog Foster and EAD guitarist Tim (aka Eddie) in the car for the road trip. However, I fully plan to rock the new amp at the Frequency show on Saturday. In that case, I will have the room in my car, and if my rockstar parking luck holds, I will get a parking spot within easy distance of the venue. The Carvin 6x10 guitar cabinet I am using with the amp has wheels, otherwise it would be nigh impossible to transport.

Tomorrow night, EDDIE rehearses for the shows. That will be fun. We haven’t rehearsed in a while, it seems like. But in reality, I think we rehearsed last week. Time dilation.

GUPPY EFFECT doesn’t practice again until Sunday. Normally we practice on Wednesday nights, but tonight the drummer double booked himself to practice with his other band. Doesn’t he know GUPPY EFFECT band practice night is sacrosanct? But actually, Sunday is a much better practice day for me. There are less time constraints and I don’t have to go to work beforehand. The RITA WITTER BAND is also practicing on Sunday, after the GUPPY EFFECT rehearsal. So Sunday will be a marathon of band rehearsal, followed by the open jam at Funks Pub at 8 PM that I plan to attend, as I usually do, to run the live stream. I would not be surprised if one or both bands ends up canceling practice. With the exception of EDDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, none of my other bands really takes rehearsing seriously and makes it a priority. I accept this as fact and adapt. I want my bands to be tight when we play shows, but if we aren’t, due to lack of practice, at least I know I am not the weak link in the chain. Still, it’s bad form to offer consumers an “unfinished” product, even if that product is amateur original music from a local rock-n-roll band. Many musicians don’t grasp this and this is why many musicians have little success and make no money.

Well, I need to wrap it up because my bicycle is calling to me to bike commute home, where Foster is waiting for me to take him on his evening walk. I’ll probably whip up a chicken stir fry for dinner, having secured a windfall of foodstuffs at CostCo earlier this week. They have great fresh produce, but it doesn’t keep forever.

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