It's a Scorcher

It's a hot arsed day in south central Wisconsin today, hot and humid.

Actually, not uncharacteristic weather for this region in mid-July.

But we've been having fairly mild weather up until now, so the shift is noticeable.

Compared with last year, it's been less stormy too, at least around Madison WI.

So…global warming

Is it happening? Is it real?

I’m a skeptic who has looked at the evidence and believes it is.

But my answer to the question is actually that it is neither here nor there if it is or it isn’t. Reality does not bend to beliefs.

If the scientists are right, we are pretty effed as a species in the near future. Crops will wither and die, water tables will dry up, and there won't be enough food or water to support everyone...which means WAR!

If the right wing religious zealots are right, then God will save us. That probably still means WAR! Because religious zealots just like WAR...

But REALITY is always right and it goes on doing its thing without your permission.

So it does not matter what you believe and you are really better off trying to stay away from beliefs and educate yourself on the reality of the situation.

Or don't. Honey Badger (and Mother Nature) don't give a sh!t.

A good day.

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