Lion Lives Matter

Some douchebag dentist from Minnesota went to Africa and killed a prized lion that was part of a scientific research project.

Yep. That sucks.

But not more than cops murdering innocent black people in the street for no good reason.

In fact, way less.

So why the focus on the cowardly killing of Cecil the Lion?

I suspect it is a combination of shame and distraction. People would rather focus on and decry the shameful killing of a defenseless lion than admit to themselves that they lack a similar outrage about the murder of their fellow innocent humans.

The more vocal people are about the lion, the greater their cognitive dissonance and thus their avoidance of the topic of their own lack of empathy for other people.

Plus, a lone dentist from Minnesota is an easier scapegoat than is our collective social ambivalence to human life.

Just a thought. Fallible at that.

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