Who Gets Backstage Passes at the MAMA Awards?

Last night, I attended the 2015 Madison Area Music Awards, representing my punk rock band EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, who were nominated for Best Hard Rock/Punk Performer of the Year. We were up against three other good bands in this genre, including our faux arch rivals, metal thugs LORDS OF THE TRIDENT.

In keeping with our mock rivalry, we planned some stage antics, in the event that one of our bands won the award. The video of said antics appears below. In order for us to properly pull off our plan, I (aka Teddy of EAD) and guitarist Brian from LORDS (aka The Barron) had to be ushered backstage by LORDS singer Ty (aka Fang), who already had backstage credentials for some reason.

I had noticed that some of the musicians receiving awards had taken to the stage via the audience, while others had come out from stage left. I wasn't able to determine the rhyme or reason behind who had backstage access and who did not. I, however, did not. So I required the protection of metal thug Fang to be ushered backstage. The reason for this was that our stage antics required the use of real medieval weaponry and the Capitol Theater Security Staff were not comfortable with the very sharp blades being wielded in the audience. I can understand that from a liability standpoint.

Once backstage, I recognized a number of local musicians who appeared to have backstage laminates. I still had no clue what the criteria were to gain such credentials. I didn't really care, I just wanted to make some sense of it. I thought perhaps the musicians backstage were there as performers, because there were some live band performances. Some of the musicians backstage were performers. But some were not. I surmised, and have no way of knowing if this is true, that other musicians were there as MAMA Awards volunteers or organizers. That makes logical sense and I will go with that.

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