Labor Day weekend is coming up and that means my fun bike riding and party weekend up at my parents' cabin in Shell Lake WI is nigh.

I have been hosting this small, social, outdoorsy, quasi-bike riding event annually since 1999.

What is it, you ask?

Basically, it's a social, bike themed vacation at our lakeside cabin in the North Woods. I say "bike themed" because some of us ride our bikes from Shell Lake to Stone Lake on Sunday, stopping at various locales for "refreshments" along the way. However, biking is, on paper, optional. There will be car transport to the rest and lunch stops, respectively, and this also serves as the SAG wagon for bikers who don't want to bike the full round trip (~23 miles one way, or 46 miles round trip).

We all arrive at the cabin on Saturday and chillax, grill, engage in water sports, drink beer, fish etc.
Then the biker types get up on Sunday morning and hit the road, stopping for breakfast at the Roost greasy spoon diner (a healthier breakfast option is available at the cabin...pre-ride) and a couple watering holes en route to Stone Lake.

Everyone congregates in Stone Lake for lunch around 1 PM, by whatever mode of transport they like. A support car with a bike rack is available for those bikers who don't want to bike the return trip.
It's back to the cabin in the afternoon (additional rest stops possible) for more lakeside fun and much merriment.

On Monday, we help my folks tidy up the cabin (the price of admission for this holiday event) and everyone heads home at their own pace.

Interested in joining the fun? Let me know and I will give you more details.

Note: This is limited to 8 people. Sleeping bags and pillows are required due to limited bed space at the cabin. Camping in the yard is an option with a signed black bear attack waiver.

P.S. This ride used to be called BIKE WITH MELINDA, but she hasn't attended for years, so note the modification of the title.

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