The Green Machine is Up and Running

After four spoke breakages on my Green Machine cruiser bike in about as many months, I finally just took it in and got a new heavy duty back wheel put on.

Hopefully the spoke breakage issue is now resolved.

After the last spoke replacement, I biked 40 miles from my house in Madison WI to Ridgeway WI along the Military Ridge bike path, to play a gig, without any spoke incident. But the very next day, as I was heading out for another ride, a spoke popped about two miles in. I was glad it happened then and not many miles into the ride, but I had to return home and then ride my dad's not very comfortable hybrid bike on the route that day.

So I hope the new wheel is strong...but there is a 30 day warranty on it from Erik's bike shop, so I will ride it a bunch this month and see what happens.

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