I am on an email unsubscibe marathon, attempting to clean up my Yahoo inbox. Every time I get an unwanted email, I scroll down and find the "Unsubscribe" hyperlink hidden in the tiny-fonted small print at the bottom. I click through to the unsubscribe page and finalize the process, if it isn't automatic.

If there is no unsubscribe option, or it is too hard to find in the email, or the hyperlink doesn't work, I mark the email domain as spam and report it as such.

I think most unsubscribe requests are ignored though, based on the fact that I continue to get emails from the sites I tried to unsubscribe from. But I keep trying. If I try to unsubscribe three or four times and still keep getting unwanted emails from the site, then I use the mark as spam approach described above.

It seems like an insurmountable task unsubscribing from the huge number of sites on whose email lists I reside. But I will chip away at it.

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