A bunch of things are coming together this weekend. I think I am finally going to get my house on the market for sale. The carpet cleaners came today and I mowed the lawn. The handyman finished some minor fixes. Tomorrow, I will power wash the front siding and my realtor will take some pictures.

Tonight, I am taking my GF out for “date night.” We will probably go down to the Tuvalu CafĂ© in Verona where a friend is performing. Since they only have wraps and things there as food, we might eat dinner at home or go someplace else to eat before the show, which starts about 7:30, but goes until 9 or so.

Tomorrow morning, I will go and take care of the house stuff and meet my realtor there for the pictures. In the early afternoon on Saturday, it is kind of open ended what is happening. Deborah and I might connect with her brother and his wife who are in town, but this might be complicated by timing and distance. Long story, but I am down if it works out. If it doesn’t work out, I need to work on music stuff quite hard. EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE is playing a set at the Funks Open Jam on Sunday night, and although the band is rehearsing Sunday evening before the performance, I still need to hone a few things. I am a little rusty, since we have not practiced in ages.

Some people might think it is foolish of me to put so much effort into rehearsing for this show, given that the drummer is disappearing to travel the world for six months, starting in October. That probably means few gigs and even fewer rehearsals, since I am not sure the status of a sub drummer to fill in for him. But by the same token, if this is the last show for a while, I want it to be tight and good. A lot of people are putatively coming to this show, if RSVPs on the Facebook event are to be believed.

HIATVS is conversating about having a show this fall, and a number of new songs are in play for this, including "Synchronicity 2" by the Police. We are going to do some cover band emulations as mini-sets of five songs or so. We have discussed the Police, the Who, the Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. Classic rock emphasis, clearly. It needs to be determined who is singing these and if playing and singing at the same time is feasible for these songs.


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