2018 Resolutions

I am generally in the camp that believes good habits are not arbitrarily started on the first of the year, but should be integral to an ongoing healthy lifestyle. That being said, New Years Resolutions do serve a purpose to help us reflect on our goals, determine if any adjustments are needed, and keep us moving in the direction of awesomeness as we envision it.

Most of my resolutions are continuations or modifications of ongoing lifestyle enhancements. This would be things like regular gym attendance and healthy nutrition. Some are new specific projects that fall under general objective umbrellas. For example, under my general umbrella of becoming a better musician, I have added two specific projects. One is learning a set list of challenging songs I have selected and plan to perform around Halloween 2018. Another is the formation of an instrumental surf rock/Hawaiian band, inspired by a recent vacation to Hawaii, that will perform November - February during Wisconsin's icy cold winters (complete with hula dancers, lei's, fruity drinks, inflatable palm trees, etc.). If anyone is interested in collaborating on the latter project, shoot me an email or comment below.

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  1. Anonymous1/05/2018

    I'd love to collab on that surf rock project.