Pacifica Day Unknown

At a certain point on an amazing tropical vacation in the Pacific, you lose track of what day it is. I think it might be Day 8.

Yesterday we took a driving tour of Oahu's North Shore. We snorkeled the infamous (but sharkless) Sharks Cove and ate lunch at one of the infamous shrimp trucks, rounding out the day with original malasadas from the infamous (and aptly named) Leonard's Bakery.

Sadly, we depart Hawaii tonight on a redeye flight back to the miserable and wintry continental USA, barring a much desired global existential crisis that strands us here (if there is a divine being...hear me now!).

Deborah and I are off now for a last sunbathe on Waikiki Beach to boost our vitamin D levels to the max before firming up our constitutions for the two month slog through Wisco's bitter cold brutality.

My New Year's Resolutions are secured. I wish we could collectively resolve to stop being stupid as a society and species, but I am only responsible for my patch of reality, which I defend without mercy from dickheads, dummies, drama kings, and douchebags.

So do what you want...it's your life.


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