Hi, I’m Joe Leonard and I’m a free agent in Madison, WI (USA), trying to stay focused and avoid distractions. I spend all my time on these things right now (check back periodically for updates):
  • Writing a sci fi novel. The goal is draft completion by end of June 2016 and publication by end of October 2016 (Halloween release?).
  • Writing a non-fiction "punk rock" lifestyle coaching guide for surviving and thriving in Corporate America without selling your soul. The goal is final draft completion by end of June 2016 and publication by end of October 2016.
  • Developing a business and brand around "punk rock lifestyle coaching," for misfits and non-conformists (like me) trying to survive and thrive in Corporate America (like me).
  • Rehearsing songs on bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and vocals for my handful of music projects, currently:
  • Performing live music shows with my various bands (above).
  • Participating in the weekly Sunday open jam stage at Funks Pub (8-11 PM in Fitchburg, WI) in the following capacities:
    • Performing songs and free form jams with other musicians (bass, guitar, and/or vocals as needed)
    • Marketing and promoting the jam to other musicians and local music fans on social media and via my blogs and web site.
    • Live streaming (and archiving to Youtube) video of the live jam.
  • Recording Cactus Joe's Mini House Concert videos in my home studio for upload to Youtube.
  • Writing and recording songs in my home studio (especially during February Album Writing Month).
  • Submitting songs to Broadjam for music licensing opportunities in film and television.
  • Writing posts for my humorous punk rock lifestyle coaching blog, Joe's Coffee Fix.
  • Writing posts for my health and nutrition blog, CJ Scientific Communication.
  • Writing posts for my social commentary blog, 2 Minute Reader.
  • Writing flash fiction between 6 and 1000 words for an online class on the subject I am taking through UW Madison (Wisconsin).
  • Learning piano.
  • Learning Welsh.
  • Answering questions, sharing ideas, and giving early access to my work to anyone who asks.
  • Being a good and supportive boyfriend in between all of the above, including having a dedicated weekly "date night."
  • Seeking out additional multiple income streams to maintain my free agent punk rock lifestyle.
  • Developing a business plan/model to support all of the above.
To keep myself focused, I plan to say NO to any requests that aren’t related to the things listed above (that includes my boring day job). I wish I could do more, but I have too much on my plate. If you feel your project deserves my attention, I am accepting written proposals ONLY.

If my activities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was December 4, 2015.

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