So Much Suck

The airline industry in the United States is poorly run and there is no excuse for it. To add insult to injury, they lie and deceive customers constantly. As President of the U.S., among other things, I will fix this. The airlines will be regulated and incentivized to perform with subsidies that are directly dependent on how well each carrier runs things, based on metrics like delays, missed connections, customer accommodations for the aforementioned, and generally meeting a baseline expectation of quality. Subsidies will offset the cost of making efficient travel happen for flying customers. Airlines that fail to meet minimums will be edged out of the mix.

Whenever I fly through Chicago, I try to give myself a long layover of at least 3 hours. Because, without fail, the airlines eff something up that delays one or more of my flights. This trip I am on right now is no exception and I have a high expectation that my trip home to Madison WI from Akron OH is about to be royally fudged by United Airlines. As it stands, due to the first leg of my flight being delayed twice now, I'll only have about 20 minutes to find and board my connecting flight in Chicago. My only hope is that there are no further delays to my first flight and/or my second flight is also delayed due to airline ineptitude.

If there is any karma left in the universe, it shall be paid back in the suffering of United airlines middle and upper managers.


Chillin @ the Homestead

We made it safely to Akron OH, my folks and I. No sooner had we arrived at my parent's house than we were out the door, heading to a social gathering of some of their friends. That went well, even though the main dish served at dinner wasn't vegan-compliant. I was fine with salad though. I even led the attendees in a sing-a-long of one of my original songs, "Peppermint Girl." The shindig was followed by a stop at the ACME grocery store in town for a few essentials to eat tomorrow, including the fixings for my now infamous green goddess chick pea salad.

Earlier in the day saw us traversing the so-called "Obesity Belt" along the Interstate 80 toll road through central Indiana and western Ohio. It went fairly smooth, but for the occasional impaired driver. Vegan options are pretty much unheard of in this part of the country, but I did eat my first Impossible Whopper at Burger King. Meh.

The only minor revelation upon returning to the place where I spent late adolescence and early adulthood was the realization that I am 0% of the person I was then, physically as well as mentally. My life now is awesome. I am mostly self-actualized, as least as much as I could hope to be. Life at 51 is so much better than it was at 21. So I hope that didn't jinx it, because I would like the fun to last, at least for a while.


The Road

I'm in Mayor Pete's hometown, South Bend, IN, half way through a road trip driving my parents back home to Ohio. The driving was pretty smooth today, with the obvious exception of the extemely sh!t drivers around Chicago. Weather was about perfect. We're about to go seek dinner. Hoping for vegan options. Fingers crossed.