Fat Burning Ambiguity

Americans generally collectively have an obsession with losing weight, specifically with the obstacles toward doing so. Billions are spent on marketing of various products and services for shedding pounds and trimming fat, while people bemoan the ineffectiveness of most of these offerings. This is why it always surprises me that the low/no-cost, low-hanging fruit of weight control seem to be neglected by a lot of people.

Nowhere is this more apparent than at American airports. I am in one now and here are two pertinent observations I have made:

1. In the food court, McDonalds has by far the longest lunch line.*

2. Almost everyone takes the escalator or moving walkway instead of the stairs or stationary walkway (aka, walkway).**

*Note: I am in no way discouraging people from eating at McDonalds. I own Mickey D stock and the obesity epidemic is directly proportional to my retirement savings. The net gain to my Etrade account is far greater than the net loss to my health care budget, notwithstanding the contribution unhealthily overweight people make toward inflating the cost of health insurance (no shame...just a fact...keyword UNHEALTHILY).

**Note: A case can be made that some people are carrying excessive baggage, both internally and externally, that encourages the use of automation assistance. However, this cannot explain the neglect of physical exertion by those with minimal encumbrance while traveling, such as those with small backpacks and carry on bags with wheels. WHEELS, mind you!

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Dietary Challenge Test

As a vegan, it's not always easy to find decent food options when eating out, especially in rural "Trump Country." That being said, it does offer an opportunity for some scientific testing of dietary effects. Trapped in Angola IN tonight, we sought out and found an eatery with some potentially vegan entrees. However, the pasta dish I ordered proved to be considerably "cheesier" than anticipated. Even as I ate my first bite of the meal, my body seemed to psychosomatically reject the food, so conditioned am I to a healthy, animal-free, plant-based diet. I got mild stomach cramps, stuffy sinuses, and a runny nose. I also think my thinking got foggier, but that might have been due to the beer I ordered with dinner. I still ate the meal, because I had to eat. But it was clear that I had presented a dietary challenge to my body that illustrated the low-level, chronic toxicity of an animal-food based diet. On the short term, such a diet is fairly low risk, but subjecting a human body to that chronic inflammatory state over a lifetime is why such a diet is linked to all manner of deadly chronic diseases. I hope you will consider this and if you disagree, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear your take. I am not trying to persuade anyone to adopt a vegan diet. You can do whatever you want...it's your life. I can only report the vegan diet's effects on my own health. My arthritis is gone. I have clear thinking. I feel great. My cholesterol and blood sugar is healthier than healthy. It works for me, but maybe it's not for you. All I ask is that you be honest with yourself...are you following the healthiest possible diet, or are you simply justifying your desire for animal-based foods? I care about your long term health, but ultimately your choices are your own, and I am OK with that.

Travels in Trump Country

I am deep into a road trip with my parents, which means I am also deep into Trump Country, doing my best to avoid interaction with undesirables, and mostly succeeding. They are such a bunch of turd nuggs and they drive like @#$%.

I should do some case progress notes tonight, but I am still a little too anger escalated from this past week at school and internship. Best to calm down and de-escalate for now. I am feeling a lot better, after a few hundred miles of Interstate, which allowed me to ground on the fact that I need to give less @#$%s about stuff and people I can't change. Incompetence is a fact of life, so I need to let my high expectations and perfectionism go sometimes.

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