The Horror - Rocktober Challenge Day 30

Type 2 Diabetes. Metabolic Syndrome. Obesity. Heart Disease. Autoimmune Disorders. Cancer. Fatty Liver.

What do these horrors have in common?

They are preventable with good health habits. One of those habits is avoiding eating refined sugar on a regular basis.

Luckily, most people only eat refined sugar once a year, during the week or so following Halloween, and then only during childhood, when the human body is resilient and able to heal itself.

The End.


Breathing Easy - Rocktober Challenge Day 29 Part Two

I'm lying in bed, contemplating getting up and loosely planning my Thursday routine. It's a lighter than usual Thursday as far as my client caseload. Normally, my Thursday schedule is packed with clients, so it's rare to have quite a bit of free time. I'll maximize it.

In under 10 minutes from now, I'll get up, weigh myself, get dressed, and go down to the kitchen for the usual morning ritual: feed the dogs, let them out, take my vitamins with a large glass of water, make herbal tea, and prepare whole food fruit (mostly) and veggie smoothies for Deborah and me. I won't drink my smoothie right away on account of adhering to a partial intermittent fasting routine. So, I'll put mine in the fridge before taking Deborah's up to her in her study, where she's already hard at work.

All of that will take under an hour, even if I take an additional few minutes to unload and load the dishwasher. I'll see my first client at 10 AM, and then I'll have a two hour break before I co-facilitate a mental health support group from 1-3 PM. My plan is to take our dog Ziggy on a 3-mile power walk during the first hour and have my first meal of the day upon my return, a little after noon, comprising the smoothie prepared earlier and perhaps a toasted bagel with vegan butter. Any residual time left over after eating will be spent mindfully meditating before starting the group. I'll take a break after group and recharge with some unspecified self care. Then it's "open play" until my next and last client at 6 PM. If all goes to plan, I'll engage Deborah in a board or card game to round out the evening before we both veg out on some TV and prep for bed.

Have a nice day!

The End.

Perfect Storm - Rocktober Challenge Day 29

"Every 7th wave is a big one," my dad said. We were on the beach in Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia, looking out over the Tasman Sea, which was uncharacteristically passive.

Not far up the beach to the east, we could just make out the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse that overlooks the narrow entrance to Port Phillip Bay at a place called The Heads.

The End.