Still No Good Explanations for WTC Building #7's Controlled Implosion (other than it WAS in fact a controlled demolition...)

Hi. It's Joe.

I taught my niece and nephew to say at an early age, "Building #7 was an inside job."

I didn't really have any evidence of this. It was just funny to listen to 3-year olds scream this over and over, especially in airport security lines (no joke...my sister could have killed me!).

But what I think we do have clear evidence of is that the fall of WTC #7 was clearly a controlled demolition, inside job or not.

And that raises a lot of pesky questions, which I will let you ask and then answer in your own way.

You be the judge...

This is the peskiest video. Here, BBC anchor people report that Building #7 has collapsed some time before it actually has. The beauty of it is that the NYC skyline behind the female anchor clearly shows a standing WTC7. And it keeps on standing for a while after this report. What reason would BBC anchors have to report a non-event unless someone had accidentally fed them the information prematurely (or forgot to adjust for the time zones correctly...).

Then there is the pesky question of why the fall of WTC7 looks like a controlled demolition and collapses so easily when it was not damaged by any planes or debris. If we assume it was small fires that somehow took down this giant steel-framed building, that suggests really poor materials and/or design.

If you mind is not frozen yet, here's some more...

So I'm still perplexed. Are you?


Folk Music and Bluegrass Snobs

Hi. It's Joe.

I super dig the music of one PETER MULVEY. He's a phenomenal folk Americana singer/songwriter, and one of the few whose live show really blows my mind out. I try to see him whenever I can.

I'd even pay $20 to see him. But not $22.50. You probably think this is hair splitting, but I will explain what the hell I am talking about.

$20 is a lot of money these days. I too am a SELF EMPLOYED MUSICIAN. Only the BEST of the BEST musical artists can demand $20 of my hard earned money, and they had better blow my mind out of my rectum for that price. I never go to concerts anymore, since most of them cost well beyond the means of the average working American, and provide very little in return. I even started my own free MUSIC VENUE called CACTUS JOE'S COUCH CONCERT to provide awesome music for people in a way that avoids everything bad about commercial music venues and keeps everything good. So $20 is the acceptable limit for only the BEST music performances.

So why is Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson charging $22.50 (an obviously ARBITRARY amount of money) for the PETER MULVEY performance there on 12/15/09?

I don't know. But what I do know is that the venue reeks of folk music snobbery. You know the type of person. The ones who got so bent out of shape when Bob Dylan went electric (but not when he went FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN). The principle snob is the owner of the place. Every time I have met him I get a really arrogant, standoffish vibe. If you are a high ranking member of the folk music elite, he prostrates himself before you. But if you are an AVERAGE JOE like you and me, he looks down on you like less than dirt. Every time I have had the displeasure of meeting him, he emanates a really arrogant vibe.

Don't believe me? Think I am being an ASSHOLE? Well, I will show you proof and let you be the judge...

READ THIS: Cafe Carpe Booking Treatise

A "treatise" no less. What gall!

No, my friends, it is not I who am the ASSHOLE...it is I who am being RAPED UP MY ASS in order to see and hear one of the most PHENOMENAL MUSICIANS currently rocking it (yes, folk snobs, ROCKING...try it some time.). $20 yes. $22.50 go to hell and rot there!

Furthermore, PETER MULVEY is a Wisconsin native. He has friends and family right here. A lot of them will be attending the show. Why does he need to get this much money to perform? ANSWER: He doesn't. He could play for $15 or less and still make bank. $22.50 is going to keep a lot of people OUT, and that is exactly what the Cafe Carpe wants. They will bring in the wealthy folk elites and then RAPE THEM ALL on over-priced drinks while keeping the hoi poloi out, so we don't sully their royal court of folkery.

OK, I feel better.

Carry on.

Entropy Explains Shitty Foreign Policy

Viewed completely objectively from the standpoint of ENTROPY IN THE UNIVERSE, the Bush administration's total fuck up of everything in the Middle East makes perfect sense, if the goal was to establish order and calm here in America.

Entropy is neither gained nor lost in the universe. Order in one place is balanced by chaos in another.

It's a zero sum.

So if you want safety and order in your location, you have to somehow transfer chaos to another location, and keep it there.

On 911, the "terrorists" (conspiracy theories aside, we will assume these "terrorists" came from the Middle East and not from somewhere in Colorado) tried to transfer some of their chaos into the U.S. Although they did not consciously think in terms of entropy, they subconsciously intended to bring some kind of order and control to their respective locations. For example, they may have hoped the attack would cause the U.S. to stay out of their countries.

Foolish. Sadly, the U.S. has a much higher CHAOS COEFFICIENT. So right after 911, the Bushies (mainly Cheney) decided to bring major chaos to Afghanistan and Iraq. Their complete ineptitude and ignorance greatly helped them to completely screw up just about everything they touched over there. They were the perfect agents for chaos.

Thus, the entropy they established there temporarily, brought transitory order and tranquility here.

The problem is, Obama now needs to contain the entropy created by Bush et al., to make sure it stays over there and doesn't come rushing back here like a tsunami, probably in the form of a revolution (but possibly as another terror attack).

[NOTE: I have added a couple of videos to address comments below]


L.A. was fun...

Hi. It's Joe.

I thought I would post a brief travelog entry tonight.

I went out to L.A. last weekend for the Taxi Music Road Rally.

It's a huge song writer's convention. Probably too huge.

But I learned a crapload about writing and production.

I have been fired up since I got home, and my newest idea is CACTUS JOE'S COUCH CONCERT: http://cjhouseconcert.blogspot.com

You can SUBSCRIBE via E-MAIL or RSS FEED and get alerts whenever a new live music show is available.

If you dig this concept, please BUY ME A CUP O' JOE!


Stupid Vampire

Hi. It's Joe.

This is a weird Halloween video.


Hi. It's Joe.

It is the last week of ROCKTOBER.

That means it is the FUNNEST WEEK OF THE YEAR, culminating with HALLOWEEN.


You will need a COSTUME. There will be PARTIES. Don't be the lame loser who doesn't DRESS UP. If you want to see my scary costume, CLICK HERE. But be warned, it is the scariest costume you will ever see, without a doubt. You might want to gouge out your own eyes after seeing it, and I am not kidding. You think I am but GO SEE IT, then buy me a coffee if you agree with me.

If you live in S.E. Wisconsin, there are some good rock shows this week too.

PEOPLE BROTHERS are hosting a 70s and 80s themed costume party + open jam on Monday 10/26 at the Come Back Inn in Madison WI. It starts around 9 PM.

GUPPY EFFECT is hosting a PRE-HALLOWEEN rock show at Brink Lounge in Madison WI on Wednesday 10/28, starting at 9 PM.

GUPPY EFFECT is also hosting their very own HALLOWEEN PARTY on Saturday 10/31 at REAL McCOYS in Delavan WI. The party kicks off around 9 PM and there will be a costume contest. MY COSTUME is a guaranteed winner for scariest. But you could still win second place, so do attend if you can.

That's about all.


How Echinacea Works

Hi. It's Joe.

Since it is Fall, and colds and flu are just around the corner, I wanted to remind everyone again how Echinacea works.

There is a lot of misinformation that has led people to believe that taking Echinacea after you get a cold is effective.

But that won't work. Echinacea ramps up your immune system, but gradually over a few days. By the time it has an effect on your immune system, the cold is almost over anyway. This is true even if you megadose Echinacea at the start of a cold.

The best way to take Echinacea is as a preventive, daily with your multivitamins and other supplements. That keeps the levels of the active components of Echinacea in your system at all times, so your immune system is always armed and ready to fight invaders.

The other thing to remember is that not all Echinacea supplements are created equal. The species of Echinacea that has the strongest cold fighting effects on the immune system is Echinacea purpurea, and it is ONLY THE ROOT of Echinacea purpurea that is effective. Many Echinacea supplements contain plant parts (leaves and flowers) with little or no actual ROOT. These are not effective at all. They are essentially fillers.

Something like THIS or THIS would be good choices.

If you favor ORGANIC supplements, try THIS.

Echinacea tea may be effective against colds, but again it must be consumed DAILY and it must contain Echinacea purpurea ROOT.

THIS TEA from Yogi might be a good choice. It also contains GREEN TEA, rich in healthy antioxidants.

Echinacea and goldenseal combined supplements may be more effective than Echinacea alone for fighting colds. However, it is difficult to find these supplements that contain the proper form of Echinacea (i.e., Echinacea purpurea root). Many of these contain extracts of the whole Echinacea plant, much of which is useless filler. (Ironically, many of these use only the ROOT of goldenseal, but the whole Echinacea plant - usually multiple species - and that does not help us.)

You can take your chances with something like THIS COMBINATION EXTRACT.

I hope that was helpful. I worked 10 years in R&D at a vitamin company and learned a lot about alternative medicine working closely with health practitioners in the field. Take it or leave it. I'm not a doctor.

Visit the THE VITAMIN FUN HOUSE for more information and review many brands of Echinacea supplements.

NOTE: Echinacea can cause allergic reactions in people with certain sensitivities to grasses and pollen. See the following references...

Article 1: Echinacea And Allergy Dangers

Article 2: Echinacea Linked to Allergies


Halloween is Nigh

Hi. It's Joe.

Are you ready for HALLOWEEN?

Well, I was up all night (because of the coffee, thanks!!!) and I think I can help.

I found this stuff on the Internet.

1. $10 off Halloween Costumes

This is the best deal I have seen on Halloween Costumes, assuming they have the costume you want. It's $10 off orders of $50 or more. The best I have seen so far is $10 off $60 or more, so this is slightly better than anything else. Chances are you'll be spending more than $60 anyway, for a costume worth it's weight in gore, so this is only marginally relevant.

2. $15 off Halloween Candy (BEST VALUE!)

If you need bulk candy for the neighborhood kids or the Halloween party or even just the pinata, this is the way to go. Buy $39 worth of candy and get $15 off. Hell yeah!

3. 50% off all Halloween and Horror Blu-Ray DVDs (Some as low as $6)

Is it time to update your cult classic horror DVDs or if you are really old school (wanting to go 21st century), your VCR tapes? Here is a huge selection. Peruse.

4. Skull Accessories

Hey, something for everyone right?

5. Dry Ice Fog Machine

Great fun for the Halloween Party. Put some dry ice in the punch for a really creepy cocktail.

If you are serving a veggie plate at your Halloween Party, remember that half of a cauliflower looks a lot like a human brain...

Sure, I will take a coffee for my efforts.


Mapquest is Pretty @#$%ing Cool

Hi. It's Joe.

Did you ever stop to think about how kickass MAPQUEST is (and GOOGLE MAPS, YAHOO MAPS, RAND McNALLY, etc.).

I mean, basically you can figure out how to get just about anyplace worth getting to.

Early hunter-gatherer peoples would have considered this "magic." And also probably superfluous given their limited transportational means.

But I recently saw this picture of !Kung bushmen in the African Kalahari using GPS to track game.

Anyway, even my mind is boggled by the mapping technologies available to me on my laptop. Who needs video games when you can spend your time plotting the most direct route to get somewhere.

What was that Stephen King story where the people keep trying to find the shortest path between two towns and accidentally stumble on a space/time portal that literally shortens the distance to shorter than the crow flies?

If you remember the title, please comment below.



Jack Black Video Game Ass Kicker

Hi. It's Joe.

Only Jack Black could make a video game look this cool and want to make me zombify my mind playing video games all day long.


Man Drinks Ipecac for Cash...but it gets worse...much, much worse...

Hi. It's Joe.

This is a little bit disturbing, but more than earns me a complimentary coffee I would say.

Name your price. Shatner would be proud.


Acorn Hookers

Hi. It's Joe.

Do you know the backstory on this?

Neither do I.


Psycho Kid

Hi. It's Joe.

This kid needs a hefty dose of PROZAC!!!

Can anyone say "future mass murderer?"

You know Dr. Phil loves every single sensationalistic second of it too. Ratings!

But I will take a coffee. Thank you!

A Perpetual Motion Electric Generator - Free Energy or Laws of Physics?

Hi. It's Joe.

If you are looking for a free energy perpetual motion machine, you should read the below. There is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine. The LAWS OF PHYSICS do not allow it.

These people are selling a DIY guide to build an electric generator that claims to be a perpetual motion machine providing FREE ENERGY and it can serve as a functional home generator. But that isn't what is so crazy about this power generator. It's the YouTube video they use in their marketing campaign to convince you to buy the HOW TO product:

Seriously? Using conspiracy theories and your fear of THE MAN to sell a home energy generation product that is sketchy at best, not to mention you have to BUILD THIS POWER GENERATOR YOURSELF...

What a bizarre thing to try and legitimately market!

Laws of physics notwithstanding, you can buy this guide that will tell you how to build your own perpetual motion machine that can replace portable generators as an energy source, and that is totally free forever and always.

It is not a diesel generator or a wind generator or even a solar generator.

It is an electrical generator that uses magnets. They might as well try to sell an electric generator powered by gerbils running on an exercise wheel. Do people seriously believe this stuff? Has scientific literacy completely disappeared?

This purportedly portable generator doesn't seem very portable by the looks of it. A small diesel generator is probably a better idea and saves more money. For about 3 grand, you can get a pretty decent PORTABLE NATURAL GAS GENERATOR.

Save your money...buy me a coffee instead.


Joe's Coffee - Transcending

Hi. It's Joe.

I was messing around with the Google keyword tool, and discovered that the phrase "joes coffee" is a decent keyword for optimizing this blog in search engines. It gets about 2,900 searches globally every month and there are only 18,600 unique web pages that cite it, according to Google. It also bids $1.77 on average in Adsense, so by using "joes coffee" in this post, I ought to get some decently paying Adsense ads up top. Have a look and then comment on what you see.

Since this blog is called Joe's Coffee Fix, maybe this post will also improve my search rankings and bring more traffic, even if it is junk traffic. This is sort of a test. Buy me a coffee?

Maybe people will share this post virally as an example of how to improve keyword optimization of a blog really simply using the Google keyword tool. I know most traffic will be junk, but that's part of the whole experiment.

"Bean espresso" is also a good keyword phrase for optimizing. I once had a girlfriend berate me for saying "exspresso" instead of "espresso" because I included an X in my pronunciation of it.

Joe's Coffee Fix thanks you for visiting. Especially if you bought Joe a cup o' joe.

Joe (s coffee)


Should I Join This Band?

Hi. It's Joe.

I auditioned to play bass for this band.

I am a full time musician and this would be a money gig playing covers in smoky bars.

The audition was good and they want me.

I know it is up to me. I just kind of want your feedback on what you think of the band.

I think they're a decent band worthy of the money they will pay me, if not quite equal to my rocking power.

OK, was that vain to say?




GOP Crazy!!!

Hi. It's Joe.

Previously, I posted a video where Dana Gould aptly noted that the problem angry right wingers have is that they are "stranded in REALITY," and this will be angry until they die.

The following is something you can share virally through twitter #GOPcrazy hash tag if you wish.

Coffee is welcome. Thanks.


Dana Gould is Funny

Hi. It's Joe.

I liked this and so I wanted to share.

I hope it made you laugh inwardly.


"50 Crazy Bitches"

Hi. It's Joe.

Kind of a copycat take on "I Know What You Did Last Summer," but whatever...

Please purchase me a coffee.


Beautiful Performance

Hi. It's Joe.

I dunno why...I just liked the raw power of this...

Coffee anyone?



Hi. It's Joe.

This is the world's SECOND largest aquarium. The first one might be the actual ocean...

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please don't go by Barcelona) from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.

Do I get a cup of Joe for sharing this?



Hi. It's Joe.

If my day job was faking moon landings, I would not need any coffee.

Fortunately, that is not my day job. THIS IS MY DAY JOB.

I do need coffee.




Hi. It's Joe.

I learned my slap bass guitar technique from brother Louis Johnson...

Please may I have a coffee?



Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette...

Hi. It's Joe.

I guess some people find coffee drinking equally vulgar. But not me.

So, sure, I'll take one! Thanks.



Zombie Films

Hi. It's Joe.

I've been running from zombies and have not had time to write for a little while. I'm back.


I recently saw I Am Legend and it was good, but a little too scary. Well done though.

At heart though, I like creative and entertaining zombie movies, like Shaun of the Dead.

It has that dry British humor, while still being a quasi-serious zombie film. I liked that. We are led on an adventure following a small group of friends running from zombies while dealing with interpersonal drama. So classically British. Then they end up getting cornered by zombies in a pub. Where else?



Michael Moore Movie Trailer

Hi. It's Joe.

My sentiments exactly.

Or you can buy me a coffee and donate to better things.

CLICK HERE for more.


Bret Michaels Crushed...

Hi. It's Joe.

Fun to watch...

He might have been quicker if he had his coffee.

Sure, I'll take one.


Weener Dog

Hi. It's Joe.

OK, I laughed my arse off. I shouldn't have, but I did...

Sure, I'll take a coffee.

But...um...no cream.



Hi. It's Joe.

Need a stretch break?

I definitely deserve a coffee for this...


Tornadic Activity

Hi. It's Joe.

Man, I love adrenalin!!!

Trapped Tornado Chasers

I don't know about you, but I could really use a coffee after that! (Make it a decaf.)

Need more? The following video clip is from a bank video cam in Parkersburg, Iowa as a tornado hits it. One of my biking buddies is actually from a town right near this one. Scary!


Spade Cooley "King of Western Swing"

Hi. It's Joe.

Here's a piece of historical esoterica for you!

Sure, I'll take a cuppa for that!

Unusual Role for Jack Black. Is he the coolest dude ever?

Hi. It's Joe.

Is he truly a "Jack" of all trades?

And that's not all. There is even a "Making of..."

You are welcome. No thanks necessary, but you may buy me a coffee if you like.


Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus trailer

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm not sure if this is for real, but I'm going to see it.


Super Hero Dunks

Hi. It's Joe.

Some of these are pretty funny.

If you liked it, please buy me a coffee. (My way of poking fun at affiliate marketers...)


Hi. It's Joe.

Why is it that I never tire of fart humor? You'd think it would get old after a while. But it just never does.



Literary Geniuses

Turns out not only is my girlfriend a great POET, but her mom also wrote a book...

AMAZON: Are you strong enough to risk everything for a second chance at happiness? That's the question explored in Damaged Hearts, the tale of celebrity chef Raven Blake, who after the death of her husband moves to the beautiful high desert community of Anthem, Arizona to start over. It's there that she meets Jake Hughes and his young daughter Zoe, whose lives have also been marred by tragedy. Together, the three of them overcome the heartbreaks of the past and become a loving family. But fate deals them one last cruel blow when a violent kidnapping attempt threatens to end their life together and the family is forced to overcome extraordinary danger in order to survive.


Transcendent Man Movie

Hi. It's Joe.

This looks really interesting.

As long as I still get my coffee, I don't care if the universe wakes up or not.

Speaking of which...I need one. Anyone?



Hi. It's Joe.

I found the makers of this zombie book and film via twitter.

Looks interesting. I said I would submit music for the soundtrack. We'll see what they say.


This is Kickass!

Hi. It's Joe.

You almost wouldn't want to drink these...


But you would.

And so would I. So buy me a coffee?

More coffee art?


Possibly the Gayest Video Ever

Hi. It's Joe.

As long as we are on this theme...

This actually hurts me in my guts. I think I need coffee. Anyone?


Gay Marriage Will Save the Economy (Starring Jack Black as Jesus)

This is remarkably good. Jack Black and Doogie Howser? Oh yes.

If you liked this video, please buy me a cup of coffee. I am very sleepy and I have class tonight for 3 hours.


Performing at Coffee Shoppes

When I am not playing badass bass and fronting vocals for THE GUPPY EFFECT BAND, I am a mild mannered acoustic singer/songwriter who performs frequently in coffee shoppes. You KNOW I love coffee! But music is my harsh mistress.

Anyway, I am cruising out to Ames, IA this weekend to perform solo at the Cafe Milo coffee shoppe. This is awesome because I just scored two nice Violet Black Knight Studio Mics and I am going to use them to record the show, or at least a few songs. These are one of the best microphones for live acoustic music. They kind of have a vintage microphone look, but they are very modern. These are also a great microphone for home recording studios, because they are fairly inexpensive ($400 or so, and you can find deals easily, like I did).

These sweet babies are designed for acoustic guitar and vocals. They have a nice little frequency hump right in the middle of the vocal spectrum. I am so geeked to record this show I could soil myself.

This trip has a double feature though. I am also going to be picking up a new used Washburn 5-string bass, which will become my new axe in THE GUPPY EFFECT. I sold two old basses a couple weeks ago, and so I will be using the cash toward the new bass.

We are going to have soooo much fun this weekend.


Home Brew Kegs of Beer (Not Coffee)

Hi. It's Joe.

Yes, I realize this one is about BEER.

Specifically, recipes for HOME BREWING BEER.

I used to pursue this hobby back when I drank beer. It was a cheap way to get good (a relative term in college) beer in quantities necessary to fuel a college lifestyle.

I don't drink anymore. But I still have a lot of friends who are quite good HOME BREWERS. I never had the patience to follow recipes very closely. But maybe if I had had THIS BOOK, I would have...

THIS BOOK has 641 different HOME BREW BEER recipes, most of them emulating existing beers. And it's decently priced too. CHECK IT OUT.


Coffee Shoppe and Espresso Cafe Mistakes

If you own, or are thinking of owning, a coffee shoppe or espresso cafe, CHECK OUT THIS E-BOOK on common business mistakes and how to avoid them.

It covers:
1. The value of writing a business plan (it’s not what you think)
2. How much effort to put into your financial projections
3. The stinking local government agencies and how they can foil a legitimate and well intentioned – and HELPFUL service to your customers
4. What you should and shouldn't expect from your suppliers
5. What type of equipment you should and shouldn’t buy
6. 1 tip - that had we done it - would have saved us over $40,000
7. Who is your real competition? Hint: It’s not who you think!
8. 10 industry and trade web sites that will save you dozens of hours to find key suppliers, marketing ideas, conventions and trade shows.
9. The best ways to find local and national suppliers
10. The single item you need to lower your Liability Insurance premium by as much as 40%, saving you as much as $4,800 per year.

THIS BOOK includes recipes, and tried and true checklists and forms for being a successful coffee shoppe business.

If you use commercial coffee makers like the Spacemaker coffee maker or the Capresso coffee maker, then you are serious about the coffee shoppe business and THIS BOOK is for you!


Twisting (-ed)

Hi. It's Joe.

Weird as this is, I was completely transfixed.

There is something Freudian about the cigarettes at the end. Like these chicks are really getting off on simple choreographed booty shaking.

If that wasn't enough for you, try this...

Celebrity IQs

Hi. It's Joe.

So if the banner ads I sometimes see are to be believed, then Britney Spears has an IQ of 105, about 10 points higher than George W. Bush.

I never click on those banners, because I am confident I "can beat that." It should be some indication of my IQ that I don't fall for those kinds of marketing tactics. Even so, 105 seems high to me. But when you think about it, that's only a tad above average. And Britney Spears exemplifies all that is "average" in America. By that I not only refer to the rampant mediocrity of popular music, but also the appeal of such music to the lowest common denominator.

In essence, when you think of a bell curve...

...that which appeals to the greatest number of people (aptly called "Same as Others" in the graph) is going to sell the best.

Britney Spears' success is a result of being great at being really pretty close to average for women who want to be bimbo's and the men who desire them. So I guess I can accept her having an IQ of 105. I am still a little angstful about George W's 95 IQ score though. I realize he was elected for the same reason, appeal to the popular AVERAGE with commensurate mediocrity. It scares me a bit though. Even retrospectively.


Tesla Coils Rule!

This is trippy...

I suppose you don't need any coffee when this is your hobby!


Open vs. Closed Mindedness

Always be inqusitive and skeptical.

This is a fairly simple demonstration about the value of critical thinking.


This SHAMWOW Sucks!

Always field test a product before selling it.

Is Your Metal Heavy?

How heavy is your metal?

Is it this heavy?

A Garage Sale So Big...

Hi. It's Joe.

Thanks to all the Caffeinators who have kept me going these last few days. Quitting my job to start MY OWN BUSINESS is quite a lot of work, and keeps me up pretty late at night. But I sure do love WORKING FOR MYSELF and being totally responsible for my own destiny. Not everyone can do this. But I can, and it is awesome.

If anyone is interested in jumping off the cliff into successful making a living without a job, I transcendently recommend one or more of the following books:

These books contain everything THE MAN does not want you to know about how to successfully shrug off the yolk of lifetime wage slavery, and profitably pursue your dreams. They are all available at the PUBLIC LIBRARY, if you are unemployed and trying to save money. Especially "What Color Is Your Parachute?" because that is revised annually, and usually you only need to read a chapter or two. But personally, all these books are must haves for my reference library.

Don't take my word for it. I work for myself now, so not to be a dick but I don't care that much about your life and the choices you make. Everyone is responsible for their own destiny, with or without JESUS.

Speaking of making money, my girlfriend is hosting a HUGE GARAGE SALE in Lake Mills, WI this weekend. It is going to be so big that I will actually have my own "BOOTH" to sell stuff. E-MAIL ME for location. I will be selling ONE OF MY BASSES, as well as a YOGA kit and a whole bunch of rock-n-roll t-shirts for just $2 each.

Have a wondrous day, and please...BUY ME A COFFEE!



God: Before and After

I originally posted this on THE ATHEIST BLOG, but it is funny as HELL.

Coffee Shoppe Barter

Hi. It's Joe.

Just a quick post. This is my first day of SELF-EMPLOYMENT and I'm busily organizing my HOME OFFICE.

In about 30 minutes I am heading to the COFFEE SHOPPE in Whitewater, WI where I will be hosting OPEN MIC tonight at 7 pm. The reason I am going so early is that I am giving a guitar lesson to a guy at noon. In exchange, the guy is going to offer me his expertise on developing a business plan.

Barter is a good system. It keeps the IRS uninvolved in the transactions. I encourage it.

Have a great afternoon.


A New Dawn

Hi. It's Joe.

Good morning. Yes, it is technically morning. I just noticed that myself. I'm going to bed here in a minute. It's probably obvious that I WILL NEED COFFEE in a few short hours. So feel free to donate.

This is also the first day of my new SELF-EMPLOYED life. I am really excited about that. Even though I will be working 10 times harder now than when I was getting a regular weekly paycheck, I will be my own boss in control of my own destiny. That is a dream come true.

I'm kind of hankering for Yuban Coffee. That's the bulk brand that is supposedly fair trade.

See you in the morning, and I hope someone buys me a coffee.



The Coffee Grind

Hi. It's Joe.

Happy April Fool's Day.

It's actually my last day of work for THE MAN. But that doesn't mean a whole lot. Sure, SELF EMPLOYMENT has some perks, like setting my own schedule. But it's actually a heck of a lot harder work running my own BUSINESS than just picking up a weekly paycheck. And while I love hard work (hence my need for COFFEE!), for the next few months I will still be working for THE MAN as well as many other MEN and WOMEN.

So maybe I am a fool. But I am really looking forward to this entrepreneurial venture.

Anyway, I was thinking (which I do better with COFFEE...) about how Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is a lot like learning vocabulary in elementary school.

More precisely, using keywords to attract traffic to your site LEGITIMATELY (i.e., sans SPAM), is kind of like when you had to not only SPELL a vocabulary word, but also use it in a sentence. And it's complicated by the fact that Google keywords are often phrases rather than single words.

For example, using the Google keyword tool, I discovered that the phrase "coffee grind" is a decent optimizing keyword, at least by the standards of Ed Dale and Co.

So I'm going to mention "coffee grind" a couple more times in this post. Maybe even mention how I like to grind coffee from scratch (when I have fresh coffee beans). I also like to drink coffee before, during, and after the daily grind.

Lately, I've been favoring MILLSTONE COFFEE.

If you are generously buying me a cuppa today, please E-MAIL ME any brand recommendations for me.