Coffee Shoppe and Espresso Cafe Mistakes

If you own, or are thinking of owning, a coffee shoppe or espresso cafe, CHECK OUT THIS E-BOOK on common business mistakes and how to avoid them.

It covers:
1. The value of writing a business plan (it’s not what you think)
2. How much effort to put into your financial projections
3. The stinking local government agencies and how they can foil a legitimate and well intentioned – and HELPFUL service to your customers
4. What you should and shouldn't expect from your suppliers
5. What type of equipment you should and shouldn’t buy
6. 1 tip - that had we done it - would have saved us over $40,000
7. Who is your real competition? Hint: It’s not who you think!
8. 10 industry and trade web sites that will save you dozens of hours to find key suppliers, marketing ideas, conventions and trade shows.
9. The best ways to find local and national suppliers
10. The single item you need to lower your Liability Insurance premium by as much as 40%, saving you as much as $4,800 per year.

THIS BOOK includes recipes, and tried and true checklists and forms for being a successful coffee shoppe business.

If you use commercial coffee makers like the Spacemaker coffee maker or the Capresso coffee maker, then you are serious about the coffee shoppe business and THIS BOOK is for you!

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