A Garage Sale So Big...

Hi. It's Joe.

Thanks to all the Caffeinators who have kept me going these last few days. Quitting my job to start MY OWN BUSINESS is quite a lot of work, and keeps me up pretty late at night. But I sure do love WORKING FOR MYSELF and being totally responsible for my own destiny. Not everyone can do this. But I can, and it is awesome.

If anyone is interested in jumping off the cliff into successful making a living without a job, I transcendently recommend one or more of the following books:

These books contain everything THE MAN does not want you to know about how to successfully shrug off the yolk of lifetime wage slavery, and profitably pursue your dreams. They are all available at the PUBLIC LIBRARY, if you are unemployed and trying to save money. Especially "What Color Is Your Parachute?" because that is revised annually, and usually you only need to read a chapter or two. But personally, all these books are must haves for my reference library.

Don't take my word for it. I work for myself now, so not to be a dick but I don't care that much about your life and the choices you make. Everyone is responsible for their own destiny, with or without JESUS.

Speaking of making money, my girlfriend is hosting a HUGE GARAGE SALE in Lake Mills, WI this weekend. It is going to be so big that I will actually have my own "BOOTH" to sell stuff. E-MAIL ME for location. I will be selling ONE OF MY BASSES, as well as a YOGA kit and a whole bunch of rock-n-roll t-shirts for just $2 each.

Have a wondrous day, and please...BUY ME A COFFEE!


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