Performing at Coffee Shoppes

When I am not playing badass bass and fronting vocals for THE GUPPY EFFECT BAND, I am a mild mannered acoustic singer/songwriter who performs frequently in coffee shoppes. You KNOW I love coffee! But music is my harsh mistress.

Anyway, I am cruising out to Ames, IA this weekend to perform solo at the Cafe Milo coffee shoppe. This is awesome because I just scored two nice Violet Black Knight Studio Mics and I am going to use them to record the show, or at least a few songs. These are one of the best microphones for live acoustic music. They kind of have a vintage microphone look, but they are very modern. These are also a great microphone for home recording studios, because they are fairly inexpensive ($400 or so, and you can find deals easily, like I did).

These sweet babies are designed for acoustic guitar and vocals. They have a nice little frequency hump right in the middle of the vocal spectrum. I am so geeked to record this show I could soil myself.

This trip has a double feature though. I am also going to be picking up a new used Washburn 5-string bass, which will become my new axe in THE GUPPY EFFECT. I sold two old basses a couple weeks ago, and so I will be using the cash toward the new bass.

We are going to have soooo much fun this weekend.


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