Weener Dog

Hi. It's Joe.

OK, I laughed my arse off. I shouldn't have, but I did...

Sure, I'll take a coffee.

But...um...no cream.



Hi. It's Joe.

Need a stretch break?

I definitely deserve a coffee for this...


Tornadic Activity

Hi. It's Joe.

Man, I love adrenalin!!!

Trapped Tornado Chasers

I don't know about you, but I could really use a coffee after that! (Make it a decaf.)

Need more? The following video clip is from a bank video cam in Parkersburg, Iowa as a tornado hits it. One of my biking buddies is actually from a town right near this one. Scary!


Spade Cooley "King of Western Swing"

Hi. It's Joe.

Here's a piece of historical esoterica for you!

Sure, I'll take a cuppa for that!

Unusual Role for Jack Black. Is he the coolest dude ever?

Hi. It's Joe.

Is he truly a "Jack" of all trades?

And that's not all. There is even a "Making of..."

You are welcome. No thanks necessary, but you may buy me a coffee if you like.


Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus trailer

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm not sure if this is for real, but I'm going to see it.


Super Hero Dunks

Hi. It's Joe.

Some of these are pretty funny.

If you liked it, please buy me a coffee. (My way of poking fun at affiliate marketers...)


Hi. It's Joe.

Why is it that I never tire of fart humor? You'd think it would get old after a while. But it just never does.



Literary Geniuses

Turns out not only is my girlfriend a great POET, but her mom also wrote a book...

AMAZON: Are you strong enough to risk everything for a second chance at happiness? That's the question explored in Damaged Hearts, the tale of celebrity chef Raven Blake, who after the death of her husband moves to the beautiful high desert community of Anthem, Arizona to start over. It's there that she meets Jake Hughes and his young daughter Zoe, whose lives have also been marred by tragedy. Together, the three of them overcome the heartbreaks of the past and become a loving family. But fate deals them one last cruel blow when a violent kidnapping attempt threatens to end their life together and the family is forced to overcome extraordinary danger in order to survive.