Should I Join This Band?

Hi. It's Joe.

I auditioned to play bass for this band.

I am a full time musician and this would be a money gig playing covers in smoky bars.

The audition was good and they want me.

I know it is up to me. I just kind of want your feedback on what you think of the band.

I think they're a decent band worthy of the money they will pay me, if not quite equal to my rocking power.

OK, was that vain to say?




Did No One But Me See This Coming to Reality TV?

Hi. It's Joe.


Real enough for ya?

Sure, I'll take a cuppa.


GOP Crazy!!!

Hi. It's Joe.

Previously, I posted a video where Dana Gould aptly noted that the problem angry right wingers have is that they are "stranded in REALITY," and this will be angry until they die.

The following is something you can share virally through twitter #GOPcrazy hash tag if you wish.

Coffee is welcome. Thanks.


Dana Gould is Funny

Hi. It's Joe.

I liked this and so I wanted to share.

I hope it made you laugh inwardly.


"50 Crazy Bitches"

Hi. It's Joe.

Kind of a copycat take on "I Know What You Did Last Summer," but whatever...

Please purchase me a coffee.


Beautiful Performance

Hi. It's Joe.

I dunno why...I just liked the raw power of this...

Coffee anyone?