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Hi. It's Joe.

I was messing around with the Google keyword tool, and discovered that the phrase "joes coffee" is a decent keyword for optimizing this blog in search engines. It gets about 2,900 searches globally every month and there are only 18,600 unique web pages that cite it, according to Google. It also bids $1.77 on average in Adsense, so by using "joes coffee" in this post, I ought to get some decently paying Adsense ads up top. Have a look and then comment on what you see.

Since this blog is called Joe's Coffee Fix, maybe this post will also improve my search rankings and bring more traffic, even if it is junk traffic. This is sort of a test. Buy me a coffee?

Maybe people will share this post virally as an example of how to improve keyword optimization of a blog really simply using the Google keyword tool. I know most traffic will be junk, but that's part of the whole experiment.

"Bean espresso" is also a good keyword phrase for optimizing. I once had a girlfriend berate me for saying "exspresso" instead of "espresso" because I included an X in my pronunciation of it.

Joe's Coffee Fix thanks you for visiting. Especially if you bought Joe a cup o' joe.

Joe (s coffee)

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