Mapquest is Pretty @#$%ing Cool

Hi. It's Joe.

Did you ever stop to think about how kickass MAPQUEST is (and GOOGLE MAPS, YAHOO MAPS, RAND McNALLY, etc.).

I mean, basically you can figure out how to get just about anyplace worth getting to.

Early hunter-gatherer peoples would have considered this "magic." And also probably superfluous given their limited transportational means.

But I recently saw this picture of !Kung bushmen in the African Kalahari using GPS to track game.

Anyway, even my mind is boggled by the mapping technologies available to me on my laptop. Who needs video games when you can spend your time plotting the most direct route to get somewhere.

What was that Stephen King story where the people keep trying to find the shortest path between two towns and accidentally stumble on a space/time portal that literally shortens the distance to shorter than the crow flies?

If you remember the title, please comment below.


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sparx said...

MapQuest sucks! :-P

I'm curious as to which King book that is too.. I've never even heard of it. It sounds like something I'd like to give a read though.