A Perpetual Motion Electric Generator - Free Energy or Laws of Physics?

Hi. It's Joe.

If you are looking for a free energy perpetual motion machine, you should read the below. There is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine. The LAWS OF PHYSICS do not allow it.

These people are selling a DIY guide to build an electric generator that claims to be a perpetual motion machine providing FREE ENERGY and it can serve as a functional home generator. But that isn't what is so crazy about this power generator. It's the YouTube video they use in their marketing campaign to convince you to buy the HOW TO product:

Seriously? Using conspiracy theories and your fear of THE MAN to sell a home energy generation product that is sketchy at best, not to mention you have to BUILD THIS POWER GENERATOR YOURSELF...

What a bizarre thing to try and legitimately market!

Laws of physics notwithstanding, you can buy this guide that will tell you how to build your own perpetual motion machine that can replace portable generators as an energy source, and that is totally free forever and always.

It is not a diesel generator or a wind generator or even a solar generator.

It is an electrical generator that uses magnets. They might as well try to sell an electric generator powered by gerbils running on an exercise wheel. Do people seriously believe this stuff? Has scientific literacy completely disappeared?

This purportedly portable generator doesn't seem very portable by the looks of it. A small diesel generator is probably a better idea and saves more money. For about 3 grand, you can get a pretty decent PORTABLE NATURAL GAS GENERATOR.

Save your money...buy me a coffee instead.

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