Halloween is Nigh

Hi. It's Joe.

Are you ready for HALLOWEEN?

Well, I was up all night (because of the coffee, thanks!!!) and I think I can help.

I found this stuff on the Internet.

1. $10 off Halloween Costumes

This is the best deal I have seen on Halloween Costumes, assuming they have the costume you want. It's $10 off orders of $50 or more. The best I have seen so far is $10 off $60 or more, so this is slightly better than anything else. Chances are you'll be spending more than $60 anyway, for a costume worth it's weight in gore, so this is only marginally relevant.

2. $15 off Halloween Candy (BEST VALUE!)

If you need bulk candy for the neighborhood kids or the Halloween party or even just the pinata, this is the way to go. Buy $39 worth of candy and get $15 off. Hell yeah!

3. 50% off all Halloween and Horror Blu-Ray DVDs (Some as low as $6)

Is it time to update your cult classic horror DVDs or if you are really old school (wanting to go 21st century), your VCR tapes? Here is a huge selection. Peruse.

4. Skull Accessories

Hey, something for everyone right?

5. Dry Ice Fog Machine

Great fun for the Halloween Party. Put some dry ice in the punch for a really creepy cocktail.

If you are serving a veggie plate at your Halloween Party, remember that half of a cauliflower looks a lot like a human brain...

Sure, I will take a coffee for my efforts.

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