Still No Good Explanations for WTC Building #7's Controlled Implosion (other than it WAS in fact a controlled demolition...)

Hi. It's Joe.

I taught my niece and nephew to say at an early age, "Building #7 was an inside job."

I didn't really have any evidence of this. It was just funny to listen to 3-year olds scream this over and over, especially in airport security lines (no joke...my sister could have killed me!).

But what I think we do have clear evidence of is that the fall of WTC #7 was clearly a controlled demolition, inside job or not.

And that raises a lot of pesky questions, which I will let you ask and then answer in your own way.

You be the judge...

This is the peskiest video. Here, BBC anchor people report that Building #7 has collapsed some time before it actually has. The beauty of it is that the NYC skyline behind the female anchor clearly shows a standing WTC7. And it keeps on standing for a while after this report. What reason would BBC anchors have to report a non-event unless someone had accidentally fed them the information prematurely (or forgot to adjust for the time zones correctly...).

Then there is the pesky question of why the fall of WTC7 looks like a controlled demolition and collapses so easily when it was not damaged by any planes or debris. If we assume it was small fires that somehow took down this giant steel-framed building, that suggests really poor materials and/or design.

If you mind is not frozen yet, here's some more...

So I'm still perplexed. Are you?


Folk Music and Bluegrass Snobs

Hi. It's Joe.

I super dig the music of one PETER MULVEY. He's a phenomenal folk Americana singer/songwriter, and one of the few whose live show really blows my mind out. I try to see him whenever I can.

I'd even pay $20 to see him. But not $22.50. You probably think this is hair splitting, but I will explain what the hell I am talking about.

$20 is a lot of money these days. I too am a SELF EMPLOYED MUSICIAN. Only the BEST of the BEST musical artists can demand $20 of my hard earned money, and they had better blow my mind out of my rectum for that price. I never go to concerts anymore, since most of them cost well beyond the means of the average working American, and provide very little in return. I even started my own free MUSIC VENUE called CACTUS JOE'S COUCH CONCERT to provide awesome music for people in a way that avoids everything bad about commercial music venues and keeps everything good. So $20 is the acceptable limit for only the BEST music performances.

So why is Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson charging $22.50 (an obviously ARBITRARY amount of money) for the PETER MULVEY performance there on 12/15/09?

I don't know. But what I do know is that the venue reeks of folk music snobbery. You know the type of person. The ones who got so bent out of shape when Bob Dylan went electric (but not when he went FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN). The principle snob is the owner of the place. Every time I have met him I get a really arrogant, standoffish vibe. If you are a high ranking member of the folk music elite, he prostrates himself before you. But if you are an AVERAGE JOE like you and me, he looks down on you like less than dirt. Every time I have had the displeasure of meeting him, he emanates a really arrogant vibe.

Don't believe me? Think I am being an ASSHOLE? Well, I will show you proof and let you be the judge...

READ THIS: Cafe Carpe Booking Treatise

A "treatise" no less. What gall!

No, my friends, it is not I who am the ASSHOLE...it is I who am being RAPED UP MY ASS in order to see and hear one of the most PHENOMENAL MUSICIANS currently rocking it (yes, folk snobs, ROCKING...try it some time.). $20 yes. $22.50 go to hell and rot there!

Furthermore, PETER MULVEY is a Wisconsin native. He has friends and family right here. A lot of them will be attending the show. Why does he need to get this much money to perform? ANSWER: He doesn't. He could play for $15 or less and still make bank. $22.50 is going to keep a lot of people OUT, and that is exactly what the Cafe Carpe wants. They will bring in the wealthy folk elites and then RAPE THEM ALL on over-priced drinks while keeping the hoi poloi out, so we don't sully their royal court of folkery.

OK, I feel better.

Carry on.

Entropy Explains Shitty Foreign Policy

Viewed completely objectively from the standpoint of ENTROPY IN THE UNIVERSE, the Bush administration's total fuck up of everything in the Middle East makes perfect sense, if the goal was to establish order and calm here in America.

Entropy is neither gained nor lost in the universe. Order in one place is balanced by chaos in another.

It's a zero sum.

So if you want safety and order in your location, you have to somehow transfer chaos to another location, and keep it there.

On 911, the "terrorists" (conspiracy theories aside, we will assume these "terrorists" came from the Middle East and not from somewhere in Colorado) tried to transfer some of their chaos into the U.S. Although they did not consciously think in terms of entropy, they subconsciously intended to bring some kind of order and control to their respective locations. For example, they may have hoped the attack would cause the U.S. to stay out of their countries.

Foolish. Sadly, the U.S. has a much higher CHAOS COEFFICIENT. So right after 911, the Bushies (mainly Cheney) decided to bring major chaos to Afghanistan and Iraq. Their complete ineptitude and ignorance greatly helped them to completely screw up just about everything they touched over there. They were the perfect agents for chaos.

Thus, the entropy they established there temporarily, brought transitory order and tranquility here.

The problem is, Obama now needs to contain the entropy created by Bush et al., to make sure it stays over there and doesn't come rushing back here like a tsunami, probably in the form of a revolution (but possibly as another terror attack).

[NOTE: I have added a couple of videos to address comments below]