Entropy Explains Shitty Foreign Policy

Viewed completely objectively from the standpoint of ENTROPY IN THE UNIVERSE, the Bush administration's total fuck up of everything in the Middle East makes perfect sense, if the goal was to establish order and calm here in America.

Entropy is neither gained nor lost in the universe. Order in one place is balanced by chaos in another.

It's a zero sum.

So if you want safety and order in your location, you have to somehow transfer chaos to another location, and keep it there.

On 911, the "terrorists" (conspiracy theories aside, we will assume these "terrorists" came from the Middle East and not from somewhere in Colorado) tried to transfer some of their chaos into the U.S. Although they did not consciously think in terms of entropy, they subconsciously intended to bring some kind of order and control to their respective locations. For example, they may have hoped the attack would cause the U.S. to stay out of their countries.

Foolish. Sadly, the U.S. has a much higher CHAOS COEFFICIENT. So right after 911, the Bushies (mainly Cheney) decided to bring major chaos to Afghanistan and Iraq. Their complete ineptitude and ignorance greatly helped them to completely screw up just about everything they touched over there. They were the perfect agents for chaos.

Thus, the entropy they established there temporarily, brought transitory order and tranquility here.

The problem is, Obama now needs to contain the entropy created by Bush et al., to make sure it stays over there and doesn't come rushing back here like a tsunami, probably in the form of a revolution (but possibly as another terror attack).

[NOTE: I have added a couple of videos to address comments below]


sparx said...

oooh! now do it again using a car analogy! :-P

So you're saying the United States should cause chaos all over the world. Bomb the heck out of everyone... but to keep it from coming back, you would have to completely destroy anyone that was attacked, or was upset with the attacks.

Wait.. did you just propose blowing up the rest of the world?!

Joe said...

no, i was trying to convey that this was the Bush policy. destroy everything to keep U.S. safe and secure. i'm not putting a value on it good or bad.

the best way to eliminate chaos and disorder is to put it in a rocket and fire it into the sun.