Still No Good Explanations for WTC Building #7's Controlled Implosion (other than it WAS in fact a controlled demolition...)

Hi. It's Joe.

I taught my niece and nephew to say at an early age, "Building #7 was an inside job."

I didn't really have any evidence of this. It was just funny to listen to 3-year olds scream this over and over, especially in airport security lines (no joke...my sister could have killed me!).

But what I think we do have clear evidence of is that the fall of WTC #7 was clearly a controlled demolition, inside job or not.

And that raises a lot of pesky questions, which I will let you ask and then answer in your own way.

You be the judge...

This is the peskiest video. Here, BBC anchor people report that Building #7 has collapsed some time before it actually has. The beauty of it is that the NYC skyline behind the female anchor clearly shows a standing WTC7. And it keeps on standing for a while after this report. What reason would BBC anchors have to report a non-event unless someone had accidentally fed them the information prematurely (or forgot to adjust for the time zones correctly...).

Then there is the pesky question of why the fall of WTC7 looks like a controlled demolition and collapses so easily when it was not damaged by any planes or debris. If we assume it was small fires that somehow took down this giant steel-framed building, that suggests really poor materials and/or design.

If you mind is not frozen yet, here's some more...

So I'm still perplexed. Are you?

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