10 Minutes - Shooting Craps and Festivus

I'm shooting craps at a Festivus Party in Decorah, IA. In a little while PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND will rock an amazing set for this amazing party and, if all goes well, I will lay down some phatty bass riffs and moisten the loins of some MILFs.

I just won a bunch of craps money. The people here are really nice. I like writing 10 minute free writes. They allow me to express my thoughts simply and easily.

The Internet is difficult to use here. I have been writing a lot of my free writes in my canvas pocket notebook. I will transfer these to the blog when I am home. They are quite good.

I have not achieved my 14 FAWM SONGS. I will try and crank them out on Sunday night, along with a BROADJAM licensing submission. I always wait till the last minute to do stuff.

I'm out of time because I am winning at craps.



10 Minutes - Rocking N.E. Iowa (The Hay Market)

Decorah. Shit, I'm still only in Decorah.

I am here to rock balls with PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND.

Tonight we play a N.E. Iowa bar called Haymarket. Tomorrow we play at some kind of weird pagan festival called Festivus. I dunno, something about Seinfeld.

Right now I have to actually suspend my 10 minutes free write to go eat spaghetti. See you soon.


10 Minutes - My Woman Left Me. But I'm Getting a Big Tax Refund.

What if writing for 10 minutes every morning was enough to get my blog posts ranked highly in all the Internet search engines? That would be cool.

I woke up grumpy this morning, not sure why. Probably because I am still fighting this blasted cold and I don't know why it is taking so long to go away. I feel a lot better than I did, but still far from 100%.

I need coffee. I usually can't do these 10 minute free writes without my morning dose of mind booster, and today is no exception.

GUPPY EFFECT is coming over at 10 AM today to record a song that we want to submit to a music licensing opportunity. It's a film and they want songs about hope for humanity, which also happens to be the name of the song.

I am getting a decent tax refund compared with what I thought I might get. Considering I only worked 3 months of last year and was self-employed the rest of the time, it's a good chunk of change for the depleted coffers. I'll be able to keep the imperial rock-n-roll machine going a little while longer. Maybe I should use it to pay down the principle on my home loan, my only real outstanding debt. If it wasn't for that, I'd be living the good life, totally able to support myself on music and rent from my roommate.

Such is life.

I only wrote 9 minutes, but I am not feeling it today and need coffee.



10 Minutes - I am Not Well

I woke up today with a pain in my sternum that comes and goes. It seems to correlate roughly with the grumbling of my hungry belly. So in my logical mind I started to think it is some kind of heartburn or acid reflux. Maybe I have GERD, or an ulcer. Or a bad case of hypochondriasis.

I am stressed a lot lately though. I have had a cold for over a week that is going away only very gradually. I'm also getting behind on music stuff. A lot of that should be remedied today. GUPPY EFFECT is recording a song for potential commercial use in a sci fi film. It is called "Hope for Humanity."

I want to go to the doctor today, but I have band practice at noon. I guess I can always push back band practice, depending on when the Urgent Care can see me. I have to do something to get over this cold and I would like to know what this annoying pain in my sternum is all about.

Last night I wrote a FAWM song. It was kind of a protective, self-preservation type song. Catchy, but not especially good. I want to write great songs, not just good songs. But I suppose I will have to write a pantload of good songs before I hit pay dirt and write a great song.



10 Minutes - I Have a Cold

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm doing a 10 minute free write.

I have a cold I can't shake. A couple more days of this and I'm going to spend the $20 and go to urgent care. Then probably spend some more on the generic antibiotics they will hopefully give me.

For a guy who doesn't smoke or drink and follows a pretty strict vegan/vegetarian diet (eggs sometimes), I sure seem to get sick just as much as other people.

I am getting my stuff together for my accountant so I can get my taxes done. The trickiest item is merchandise sales. I need to calculate how many t-shirt and thongs I sold so I can calculate sales tax. Just busy work I don't want to do, but being sick with nothing better to do today, that is what I will do.

PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND, with whom I play bass, are doing a mini tour of Iowa this coming weekend. I want to be over this cold by then. Although it doesn't really affect my singing voice, it is annoying and sucks away my energy. I like to "bring the thunder" when I play rock shows. That means I need my full mental and physical capabilities. That is the main reason I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. I like having all my faculties at full power. Cold medicine Fs with my maximum rocknroll.

What else? I am just about done with my 10 minutes. I am job hunting and finishing up February Album Writing Month. I have a few good SONGS written. You should CHECK THEM OUT.



Some Weeks Just Suck!

Hi. It's Joe.

If ever a guy needed a strong ol' cup of joe, this is the week.

Well, actually, it's not all that bad.

I mean, it's bad. But it could be far worse.



Happy Valentine's Day

Hi. It's Joe.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Enjoy this V-Day video I made, and if it makes you happy, buy me a cuppa!



Hi Everyone.

It's Joe.

I haven't posted here in a while.

That is what this is.

The remedy.