10 Minutes - I Have a Cold

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm doing a 10 minute free write.

I have a cold I can't shake. A couple more days of this and I'm going to spend the $20 and go to urgent care. Then probably spend some more on the generic antibiotics they will hopefully give me.

For a guy who doesn't smoke or drink and follows a pretty strict vegan/vegetarian diet (eggs sometimes), I sure seem to get sick just as much as other people.

I am getting my stuff together for my accountant so I can get my taxes done. The trickiest item is merchandise sales. I need to calculate how many t-shirt and thongs I sold so I can calculate sales tax. Just busy work I don't want to do, but being sick with nothing better to do today, that is what I will do.

PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND, with whom I play bass, are doing a mini tour of Iowa this coming weekend. I want to be over this cold by then. Although it doesn't really affect my singing voice, it is annoying and sucks away my energy. I like to "bring the thunder" when I play rock shows. That means I need my full mental and physical capabilities. That is the main reason I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. I like having all my faculties at full power. Cold medicine Fs with my maximum rocknroll.

What else? I am just about done with my 10 minutes. I am job hunting and finishing up February Album Writing Month. I have a few good SONGS written. You should CHECK THEM OUT.


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