10 Minutes - I am Not Well

I woke up today with a pain in my sternum that comes and goes. It seems to correlate roughly with the grumbling of my hungry belly. So in my logical mind I started to think it is some kind of heartburn or acid reflux. Maybe I have GERD, or an ulcer. Or a bad case of hypochondriasis.

I am stressed a lot lately though. I have had a cold for over a week that is going away only very gradually. I'm also getting behind on music stuff. A lot of that should be remedied today. GUPPY EFFECT is recording a song for potential commercial use in a sci fi film. It is called "Hope for Humanity."

I want to go to the doctor today, but I have band practice at noon. I guess I can always push back band practice, depending on when the Urgent Care can see me. I have to do something to get over this cold and I would like to know what this annoying pain in my sternum is all about.

Last night I wrote a FAWM song. It was kind of a protective, self-preservation type song. Catchy, but not especially good. I want to write great songs, not just good songs. But I suppose I will have to write a pantload of good songs before I hit pay dirt and write a great song.


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