10 Minutes - Shooting Craps and Festivus

I'm shooting craps at a Festivus Party in Decorah, IA. In a little while PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND will rock an amazing set for this amazing party and, if all goes well, I will lay down some phatty bass riffs and moisten the loins of some MILFs.

I just won a bunch of craps money. The people here are really nice. I like writing 10 minute free writes. They allow me to express my thoughts simply and easily.

The Internet is difficult to use here. I have been writing a lot of my free writes in my canvas pocket notebook. I will transfer these to the blog when I am home. They are quite good.

I have not achieved my 14 FAWM SONGS. I will try and crank them out on Sunday night, along with a BROADJAM licensing submission. I always wait till the last minute to do stuff.

I'm out of time because I am winning at craps.


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