10 Minutes - Cool Idea

Hi. It's Joe.

Well, the cool idea I had was simply to video record GUPPY EFFECT live at the end of each band practice and post it to YOUTUBE. Then we can basically have live shows any time we want. I will probably post these to the COUCH CONCERT site and then refer all potential fans there. I can also embed the YOUTUBE VIDS right on the GUPPY EFFECT web site, which is www.guppyeffect.com, if you didn't already know that or figure it out by trial and error.

I am going to run this idea past the guys at band practice on Wednesday. It could be lucrative. I will include links to the GUPPY EFFECT STORE, as well as a TIP JAR where people can DONATE if they love our rocking. And they will.

This was another excellent marathon weekend of rock-n-roll. PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND rocked a great show at Mr. Roberts bar in Madison WI on Friday night (3/12). My parents came down for the first set and said they really enjoyed it, once we got the sound sounding right.

GUPPY EFFECT then rocked it Saturday night (3/13) at Real McCoys bar in Delavan, WI, about 45 minutes southeast of Cambridge. My roommate Matt and buddy Branden came out to party and support that show. It was fun for us. The provincial backwoods hicks of rural Wisconsin were not as blown away by our high energy brand of original rock-n-roll as we were, but that is because they fear things that are "different." They are used to the same standard fare of cruddy cover bands. Even though we brought them something unique and culturally enlightening, and exciting, they wanted SAMENESS. This is what I call the STARBUCK'S EFFECT. Sameness = comfort in their world. Different = fear = dislike.

But, we don't care. We rock our brand of rock because we have to, we are compelled to. We don't want people to like it who don't like it. Well, that makes no sense. What I mean is, we want as fans people who really like us, not just friends and family, although we rock just as hard for them, probably even harder.

But we did have a few closet fans come out of the woodwork after the Real McCoys show. A couple of people told me they had seen us there before (regulars) and liked us, so when they saw our flyer advertising our return to that bar, they came out. That was nice.

One guy even bought a t-shirt.

All told the weekend of rock landed me $185 in direct fee-for-service and merchandise. Not bad. And that doesn't even include the complimentary 1/2 pound cheeseburger that Rick McCoy gave me at the end of the night, as well as a couple NA beers while we were playing. We really love the McCoys, Rick and Nancy, and I think they love us too.

I watched ZOMBIELAND with Woody Harrelson and the boyfriend from JUNO in it, for the 3rd time tonight. Bill Murray does an awesome cameo, totally worth it. They don't ever mention him in the extra features though, which hurt a little.


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