10 Minutes - Cat Litter

Hi. It's Joe.

I am subscribed to the mailing list of an internet marketer who goes by the name of Niche Chick.

Every few days, she sends me an e-mail about a niche marketing topic. Usually they are product niches that I have no interest in whatsoever.

Today was no exception.

Cat litter?

I don't like cats. I especially don't like cat poop. I had a roommate in college who had a cat. There is nothing good about cat litter. And it gets everywhere. Cats are not very tidy about their kitty litter. If cat litter smelled better, it might have been tolerable. Like pine needles. I guess there is, according to Niche Chick, a pine fragrance cat litter called "Feline Pine Cat Litter." It probably costs an arm and a leg.

There is also a product called "Tidy Cat Litter." I'm not exactly sure how they enforce that. Do they have people who come over and reprimand the cat if it's NOT tidy?

I wonder what is the world's best cat litter, and what makes it the best? I am sure a lot of cat litter brands SAY they are the world's best, but even the best is sub par in my opinion.

I still have questions.

What is natural cat litter made from? What are the best cat litter pans and cat litter scoops? These things are essential to the containment of vile smelly cat litter. I have seen some pretty elaborate cat litter boxes, designed to keep the stuff from spreading into areas of human habitation. Those poor cats, having to climb into what is essentially a kennel box to crap. Cats hate kennel boxes. It reminds them of travel, a purely terrifying experience for most cats.

My parents once had to transport a cat in a kennel box across country when they moved from New York City to Akron, OH. The cat's hair stood completely on end for the entire trip and the cat was never the same ever again. It had PTSD for the rest of its days.

What is cat litter even made of? Sand? What is silica cat litter? Crystal cat litter? Clumping cat litter? (YUCK!)

I did like that television cartoon "Ren and Stimpy." They had a mock product on that show called "Gritty Kitty Litter" that was put to many hilarious uses (including food). But that was the closest I ever got to liking kitty litter.

How could anyone find passion for this subject, enough to try and sell it to people?

It just proves that there is a marketing niche out there for almost everyone.

Did you know there is even a niche for cat litter furniture? Does a cat really want to lounge around it's own feces? I think that aesthetic is more for the benefit of the owners.

For my readers, if you have an opinion on what is the best cat litter, please comment below. I would like to hear from cat (litter) lovers (really?) and try to understand how you can love this stuff. I have an open mind and I want to learn.

But what I mainly want to learn is if this blog post will attract any traffic from cat litter aficianados. The only way I can know that is if the aficianados comment here.

Yes, I spelled aficianados wrong, I know this.



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