10 Minutes - GUPPY EFFECT Live Music Videos

Hi. It's Joe.

I would first like to thank SPARXMIND for the constructive suggestion that I qualify my 10 minute free write titles with more descriptive information.

I have done so. Part of the problem with a free write is that I have no idea what I am going to talk about during the 10 minutes of stream-of-consciousness free form writing. So I usually just title it "10 Minutes" and let randomness happen.

However, in re-reading past free writes I have noticed that there always seems to be some strong thread to the path of my mind, something going on that day or happening soon.

For example, last night I had band practice with GUPPY EFFECT and, as I think I mentioned in earlier free writes, we decided we would attempt to record a video of us performing live at the end of each practice.

Well, we ended up doing the recording first, because of the rigamarole of getting everything wired and miked and setting up the laptop in a position to capture the entire band. It was actually rather time consuming, but we learned a lot and the next time we do it will be a lot easier.

So, even though I am only about 1/2 way through this free write today, I already know that I am going to title this post "10 Minutes - GUPPY EFFECT Live Music Videos." I am even going to post a live music video at the end of the post when my 10 minutes is up and I am done writing.

As I mentioned in my 10 minute free write yesterday, I went on a six mile POWER WALK yesterday afternoon around 2 PM. One thing I noticed on my walk, besides the prevalence of leggy blondes, was the abandonment of America by the bulk of the population.

America is largely unmanned during normal business hours. People willingly get up and go sit in cubes for most of the useful part of the day, leaving the streets in most small towns abandoned. Besides the leggy blondes and a couple of old people, the town I live near was like a ghost town. There is no one at the helm of America's rural cultural heart, thanks to Corporate America.

This scares me more than any kind of terrorism or disaster capitalism. That leaves us culturally weak. There should be people out everywhere, talking and interacting, and keeping an eye out for Osama Bin Laden. Instead, they are chained to desks in cubes under artificial light, seeing the sun for only a fraction of the day. Slavery?

And man, yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL DAY. So is today, and I am going to go enjoy it by taking Buddy for a run at the doggie park. Self-employment has its perks. I thank SPARXMIND for that too, indirectly.

He is the one who turned me on to such things as Tim Ferriss's "4 Hour Work Week" and other screeds of the freelance entrepreneurs, among whom I now count myself.

More time for stuff like this...

A lot of people have been buying "4 Hour Work Week" via my affiliate link, which I like. Spread the word.


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