10 Minutes - It's Only 10 Minutes + Watchmen

Hi. It's Joe.

I didn't do my 10 minute free write yesterday because I was, on paper at least, busy.

But that is no excuse.

It is only 10 minutes of my time. I think I can find 10 minutes even on my busiest day.

It is for the same reason that I am not going to write 20 minutes today to try to make up for the lost 10 minutes of yesterday.

It's 10 minutes daily. Boom. Goodbye.

It's kind of like when you forget to take your prescription medication. The directions expressly say don't double dose when you realize you have forgotten.

Granted, my diatribes probably aren't going to cause liver damage if they are longer than 10 minutes. But they might cause mental angusih, so why risk it?

Today was a good day. Stefan and I tracked guitar parts for a song written by a local tween pop rocker named Shannon Behm. Tomorrow Al and I will track drums and bass. It was quite an ordeal to figure out how to set up the metronome track for this song. It has a tempo change after the second chorus. I figured it out, but it was a little bit consternating.

I am going on RAGBRAI this summer. I'll be a day late for it. That is because GUPPY EFFECT is probably going to perform on a pirate ship on Lake Wisconsin on Saturday July 24, the day right before RAGBRAI. That means I can't drive out there until Sunday, which means I can't ride my bike on Sunday of RAGBRAI.

I will meet my team, TEAM CRAZY BIRD, Sunday night in whatever Iowa town the ride is in that night. It is on the tip of my tongue, but in the interests of maximizing this 10 minute free write, I am not going to even take 30 seconds to go look it up on the RAGBRAI web site.

After Stefan and I got done with recording today, we taped some semi-acoustic videos of songs. Nothing very useful to the general public though. Then Shelley came over and we all ate food and watched the movie WATCHMEN. It is based on a graphic novel about washed up super heroes. It is actually pretty good.


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