10 Minutes - Jimi Hendrix's "Valleys of Neptune" + Runner's High

Hi. It's Joe.

Have you picked up the new post-humous Jimi Hendrix record called Valleys of Neptune?

What do you think? I want to hear some peer reviews from my peers. Given the poor track record of the Music Industry's re-issues of Hendrix's unfinished works, I am not touching this thing until I hear a review of it from an industry outsider.

The free previews at AMAZON sound good. Good enough for me to put it on my AMAZON wish list. But I am not ready to commit yet. So someone please tell me something good.

I once heard a very poorly produced bootleg version of the title track, Valleys of Neptune, performed live I think. A music buddy and I even tried to learn it once, but the sound quality was so piss poor we couldn't decipher anything useful.

Today, I overdosed on "Runner's High." That's this narcotic you can only obtain by getting off your ass and doing something physical. I donned my shorts and running shoes and took Buddy over to the Jefferson County Dog Park for a three mile run. That's three times around the dog park, by my estimation.

Notwithstanding last week's six mile power walk I mentioned in a previous 10 minute free write, a shorter run, and a five mile bike ride yesterday, I have not really exercised ("gotten high") at all since last October. I have been watching my diet and rocking a lot (which requires a fairly decent level of exertion...), but things have started to ramp up on the physical fitness front only recently, as the weather improves with impending spring.

So today's run was fairly intensive. I didn't take it at a really fast pace, but I was determined to make it the full three miles, non-stop.

I had to stop a couple times. Well, not completely stop...but I had to walk a little bit. Not because I was out of breath or fatigued, but rather because I was way too "high."

My body's natural endorphins kicked in full force about half way through my second lap. I became all light headed and any residual stress and pain I was feeling vanished, along with my motivation to keep running. I generally do physical exercise for health reasons, because I worry about my health.

But the catch 22, is that my "runner's high" neutralizes all my worries, including that one.

I knew it was the "runner's high" making me feel so good. So I was able to consciously force myself to finish the three laps, with minimal walking. It was kind of a pathetic half shuffle punctuated by calls of "Buddy heel!" erupting from my mouth.

I am still high.

That is what I love about running. The "runner's high" lasts all day and makes you feel awesome.

What I don't love about running is the high impact wear and tear on my poor muscles. I'm no spring chicken anymore. Actually, I still am to a large extent. But when I have not run for several weeks, then I go, my body does this big detox thing and it makes my muscles sore with lactic acid the next day.

After four or five regular runs, I am usually back in full form and as long as I keep it going consistently, running at least thrice weekly, and biking on off days, I am usually fine.

I am doing RAGBRAI this summer, and I plan to be in great shape for it.

Who knows, maybe I will even do a trithlon this year.

Doubt it. Swimming is my least favorite activity, even more so than running.

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