10 Minutes - Madison Area Music Awards

Hi. It's Joe.

I slacked off the 10 minute free writes for a couple of days. It wasn't because of laziness, I just had funner things to do 24/7. I know, I know...I said I can always find 10 minutes to write, no matter how busy I am. And that's still true. I just didn't want to because I was maximizing fun in other areas. That's the wonderful perk of being self-employed - no one tells me what to do but me.

That said, I do tell myself to do a lot of stuff. Probably more than I can chew. But I always seem to squeeze it all in somehow.

The big news is that CACTUS JOE and the GUPPY EFFECT had two SONGS advance to the FINALS of the Madison Area Music Awards.

We are so geeked.

"Porn Star Hot," featuring Wendy Staats of SUNSPOT on drums is a finalist for BEST HARD ROCK/PUNK SONG.

"Sara," co-written with Art Paul Schlosser and featuring Eric Shackelford of Aaron Williams and the HooDoo on drums is a finalist for MOST UNIQUE SONG. You will see why when you LISTEN to it.

You can check out these two songs and others FREE by visiting www.broadjam.com/guppyeffect.

If you would like to have a voice in the future of local music in Madison WI, you can VOTE in the MAMAs, CLICK HERE or visit www.themamas.org.


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