10 Minutes - My 90 Minute Workout + Leggy Blondes

Hi. It's Joe.

The title of this free write sounds impressive.

Actually, I just walked the three miles into town and back.

And it was only 80 minutes of actual walking. I timed it with a stop watch.

But it did take me about 8 minutes to mail my stuff at the Post Office, which was the main reason for the outing. So all told it was pretty darn close to 90 minutes.

Still, it was a six mile power walk and I never slowed pace or broke stride, outside of my Post Office mid-point respite.

I even wore shorts and running shoes. I broke a sweat and my pulse increased. Sure, it was no Iron Man, but for the first real exercise of the season, I did good.

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. It was the first real Spring day of the year in my opinion. The weather has been strongly hinting at Spring the past couple weeks, but today it was direct and explicit about it.

I am always amazed how so many leggy blondes seem to magically appear at the first occurrence of warm weather. Have you noticed this? Where are they all winter? Or is it just that when they are all bundled up in their wintry garments, they are somewhat camouflaged?

I had barely walked a mile towards town when this fabulous looking leggy blonde popped out into the street and started walking her Golden Retriever about 30 yards ahead of me. The view was fabulous and really added to the day's gorgeous aesthetic.

I am glad I got out today. The exercise felt awesome and will inspire me to keep on working out daily for as long as the weather holds out. I am one of those people who is fairly sedentary all winter because I hate working out in the cold. But I will rock arse all summer. I am even going on RAGBRAI, the big bike ride across Iowa, this summer. So I expect I will be doing a lot of biking.

Sadly, my roommate Matt told me that more wintry weather is on its way this weekend. That sucks for many reasons, not the least of which is that I have to drive to Neenah WI for a GUPPY EFFECT (unplugged) show on Saturday evening. Hopefully it is not an all out blizzard.

I'm over time.

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