10 Minutes - Music Biz

I am making an effort to do my 10 minute free-write immediately when I get up, before I even get coffee. We all know how useless I am without coffee, and this will probably be no exception.

Last night I went to Come Back Inn open mic night hosted by PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND. It was a good time. Prior to the open mic, GUPPY EFFECT had an awesome band practice, in anticipation of our first 2010 show, which will be Saturday March 13 at the Real McCoys in Delavan WI, starting around 9 PM. It's a free show.

GUPPY EFFECT had a marathon practice and we raged through 50% of the material we are working on for upcoming shows. When we practice on Thursday we will rage through the remaining 50%. Then we have 2 more practices before the shows to hone everything down to a brilliant singularity of white light rock-n-roll. I am not even sure what that means, but it sounded cool, and that is what 10-minute free writes are all about.

Today I have radio show in Whitewater. I cohost Matt Alba's college radio program ENTER THE MEDICINE. Today I am going to bring him an EP with 5 new GUPPY EFFECT SONGS. He might put them into rotation. If he does, I will need to get these registered with BMI ASAP.

I also need to register as a publisher with ASCAP ASAP, since I am helping Stefan Chandler to publish and distribute a few songs commercially.

We have already released his song NEWS MAN, and you can check that out for FREE at AMAZON.COM.


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