10 Minutes - Shannon Behm...Our Ticket to Fame?

Hi. It's Joe.

I just got up. I am still sore from rocking with PEOPLE BROTHERS in Iowa last weekend. My legs aren't as sore, but my lower back is stiff, and I think this is mainly from lifting and hustling music gear, heavy amps and crap like that. I am getting a massage next week, and really looking forward to it. My health insurance plan is expensive, but one of the features is 50% off therapeutic massage. It also covers chiropractic, which I need as well. That is one of the only things I miss about my LAST JOB, was the free on site chiropractic care. But I don't miss anything else.

This writing stuff is super fun. I really should find money-making opportunities to do it. I am gradually working my way into Elance, an online freelance writing brokerage house that lists writing opportunities for freelancers. I am going to spend most of March writing my book (initially as a series of blog posts at RED STAPLER BRIGADE, and eventually as a real book - or maybe e-book - once it has garnered some attention). Maybe I can find a publicist.

I am cranking out the free writing this morning, notwithstanding a lack of caffeine that needs to be remedied ASAP. GUPPY EFFECT is going gangbusters learning and tightening up new musical material for the 3 upcoming gigs in March (5 if you count the 2 acoustic shows me and Stefan are playing).

I saw a drummer last night who played on an acoustic set using a snare drum and brushes. I wonder if GUPPY EFFECT's Al can do something similar. Then he can join us on our acoustic shows. These shows usually pay very crappy, but it is almost worth having the extra member if it ramps up the energy of the show a bit. I will have to ask Al if he plays with brushes.

The band is going to meet Shannon Behm, up and coming tween pop rocker, tomorrow. She is guesting on Matt Alba's radio show in Whitewater. GUPPY EFFECT is going to help her produce one of her songs with a full band backing. I wanted the band to get to know her and hear her music, and more importantly her amazing PIPES. I think she has real talent and I would like GUPPY EFFECT's name to be associated with her talent when she hits it big. So that is why I don't mind offering a little pro bono help to a fellow up and coming rock star. After the initial song we do for FREE, I will charge a nominal fee for additional session work, provided they like what we do. Probably $400. That is based on 3 musicians and about 4 hours of hard work (at ~$25/hr), plus a 25% overhead. Simple.


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