10 Minutes - Tween Pop Stars

It's a Thursday. In a couple of hours, I will be teaching a bass lesson to my bass student. Between then and now I have to feed Buddy and take him for a walk, move my car out of the garage, eat, and drink coffee.

Hopefully, after I do all that, I will have some time to practice for GUPPY EFFECT rehearsal, which starts at noon. After that it is a non-stop day of rock. At 5 PM the band goes to Whitewater WI, where we will join Matt Alba's "Enter the Medicine" radio show. Shannon Behm is his guest and GUPPY EFFECT is going to help this tween pop rocker to produce one of her songs with full band backing. Hopefully, we will get some album credits and when she is old enough to come hear our band play, she can perform the song live with us.

I have about a minute left to this 10 minute free write. But I think I will call it because I have stuff to do and also someone is trying to chat with me via FACEBOOK.


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