10 Minutes - The Ashlee Song

Hi. It's Joe.

I wrote a song for this girl Ashlee that I know. She loved it. But her friends all loved it even more and they are all in love with me.

This free write is lame. All I can think to free form write about is what I plan to do this month. While simultaneously job hunting, I will preparing my house to put it on the market, cleaning and making it look pretty to controlling, manipulative house wives who will coerce their spineless, wimpy husbands into buying it, even though it is beyond their means. I will also be writing my book, while simultaneously seeking freelance writing work via elance.com.

I think there is one other thing I wanted to do this month, but I cannot remember what it is. Write book, job hunt, prep house, find freelance work, and one other thing, probably music related. I would like to register a few more of my songs with BMI. I think a few new ones might be in rotation at the radio station in Whitewater. So if I want to get royalties, I need to make sure they get registered.

I hope I can place a song in a film or TV show soon too. That would keep the wolf from the door.


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