10 Minutes - Mental Energy

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm getting my 10 minute free write in late today. As a result, it will probably be crap.

However, if you think it is better than most of my morning, pre-coffee diatribes, please comment to that effect below. Maybe I will start doing my free writes later if they are better.

I have always read free writing is best first thing in the morning. But frankly, my brain feels dead in the morning, especially before coffee. But maybe that is why they suggest you do it then. I guess they figure if you get good at finding the muse when he is no where to be found, then when you are in your element later, you should crank out miniature masterpieces.

Let's hope.

I am hopeful that I can channel my mental energies into the immediate tasks at hand. The first GUPPY EFFECT show is this Saturday March 13, at REAL McCOYS BAR in Delavan WI. The band has a brand new line up of members, including Stefan Chandler on guitar/vox and Al Calderon on drums.

As a result, THE BANDwe have a whole bunch of new original and cover songs on the set list now. I still have to memorize lyrics on a lot of the songs.

My plan is to practice extensively tomorrow, which would be Monday. Self-employment is awesome because Mondays no longer suck. They are awesome, because I can rock-n-roll all day and at the end of the week get paid for my efforts. Not as much as I would get paid working for THE MAN, but not working for HIM is priceless, so I think it pays off.

My time is up, but I am going to cheat and remind everyone that singer/songwriter Beth Kille is performing at my COUCH CONCERT tomorrow as well. It should be up on THE SITE by tomorrow night.



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