10 Minutes - Couch Concert With Beth Kille

Hi! It's Joe.

Beth Kille is performing Cactus Joe's Couch Concert today. I don't film these live. I like to edit the videos down to the best material and since it is going on YOUTUBE, it has to be under 10 minutes. It is ironic that my blog posts are titled 10 Minutes and that is also the length of the longest YOUTUBE videos.

It's also completely unrelated. Yes, it takes me 10 minutes to write these posts, but it only takes readers about 2 minutes. Plus, these posts aren't videos.

But maybe there is a similarity unbeknownst to me. Maybe the human attention span is closer to 10 minutes for visual material and closer to 2 minutes for written material. Maybe that is why video is the preferred medium for marketing things, because it holds people's attention longer.

Or maybe not, because I have no factual information to base that on.

Before Beth gets here I still need to eat and let Buddy out. Then shower and get ready. After she leaves I am going to rehearse GUPPY EFFECT songs in preparation for the first GUPPY EFFECT show of 2010 on Saturday March 13, at REAL McCOYS BAR in Delavan, WI. It's actually closer to Richmond, WI, between Whitewater and Delavan, but it has a Delavan postal code.

Tonight I will rock the open mics in Madison WI. From 7-9 I'll be at Art Paul's open mic at Mercury Cafe. Then I will head over to Come Back Inn open mic, hosted by PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND. It's actually hosted mainly by Tim Lochner of said band, but some of the other PEOPLE BROTHERS usually show up to jam or share some of their music gear.

I play bass with PEOPLE BROTHERS BAND and they have a lot of shows coming up. Not enough to make me rich with money, but instead very rich with soul. That doesn't really make sense. But hey, it is a FREE WRITE. And my time is up.


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